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title: Teethed on a crucifix and cradled underwater
Merlin, Elena-centric gen post-ep for 3.06. General Audiences, 945 words. All Elena's strange wonderful independence can't really be gone for good: She didn't really care so much that her hair looked more like dandelion fluff than it did like spun gold.

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I've been resetting my brain over the summer; I learned as a kid how to take sides between witch-girls and Pendragon kings. I have a huge soft spot for Arthur - always have - but I'll still always side with the witches.

spoilers for Merlin S3 E1: The Tears of Uther Pendragon )
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I would be fascinated to see an analysis of historical race - as opposed to historiographic race - then-thoughts, not now-looking-back-at-then-thoughts - in Merlin. Using the non-genetic theories of skin pigmentation - anyone who lived in a hot place would look like that eventually! - and maybe even looking at Celtic Fringe stuff.

I'd even love to see a historiographic reading from someone in the UK re: the Celtic Fringe thing. How does the Irish Morgana look through contemporary UK pop culture? And what would her status as an oppressed person be, historically speaking, in relation to Gwen's?

(Obviously, I'm a white girl living in the US. Race here has a particularly, um, hardcore history here. And also obviously, a lot of the people in this fandom are both chromatic and white people living State-side, so our historiography of Gwen and Morgan sort of has to come from the viewpoint of our history. But I know enough about medieval European race theory to know that I don't know much, and I do think it would be cool to read the show through that lens, as well as the one drawn from our own contemporary culture/life experience.)

eta: if this is problematic wittering, feel free to tell me off. I'm pretty much pulling this out of nowhere, and that subconscious nowherespace does tend to be where the icky programming resides.


11 Oct 2009 05:49 pm
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Merlin 2.04 )

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Dear sweet fantastic gay Jeebus. *flail* This is ... suddenly awesome. Like, in that it's actually, you know, good, as opposed to cute and dorky. Not that it isn't still cute and dorky!

Merlin 2.01, The Curse of Cornelius Sigan )

Last series, I enjoyed this show - it was sparkly, and it was an excuse to play again with the Arthuriana, which I've always loved. This series promises to be something quite different. Because I loved this on every level.
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Handlebars, by [personal profile] such_heights. Gorgeous dark vid examining the, er, slightly less-than-sane politics of life and death in Camelot. It's a wonderfully cogent bit of critique.
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Because I love the girls and women in my fandoms, and think they're awesome.

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Anything you guys think I really need to pick up?
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the heart closes like a nocturnal flower

Gwen/Arthur, past Merlin/Arthur
nonexplicit, dark – in this case, as in tragic
wordcount: 500 exactly
the way the story ends, the way this story always has to end

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Okay, there's a line where that sort of thing goes from fun into badficland, but still. It's the girly men that I'm looking for. I fetishize and get off on their youth, their physical smallness, their visible and invisible innocence. Their tendency to use words instead of fists. Their ability to speak the language of emotional need. Their understanding of c retaking, and their own need for the same.

Their receptive sexuality, which basically gives you girl-pov hetsex with two guys.

I know that, objectively speaking, Daniel Jackson is a tall, strong man some five to ten years my senior who can more than take care of himself. But for some reason, I want to read about the side of him that's needful, young, sweet, vulnerable. This is one of those things that has more to do with identification than with sexual preference – so it's not that I'm irl attracted to femmy guys, so much as it's the fact that I'm a cis, femmy woman myself.

I think that what I'm really looking for in slash is some foothold for my gender )
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Hoo. Spent today doing business - trying to sort out my stupid loans, because my college is full of dips who don't think they need to continue sending out enrollment information, and panicking around about graduate financial aid. Apparently, the state of Indiana does things late - they've only just set this next year's tuition, and aid packets won't go out for another two weeks. I'd been freaking, because omg July! and I didn't know about my loan yet! but I think I should be okay.

Lauren, sent out your dwth invite code, sorry to have dragged my feet about it.

I've been watching Merlin on the telly with The Baby, and man, they weren't even trying. The whole "born like this" deal? So. Stinking. Queer. I continue to not like Gaius. King Uther yay!

I just finished reading Gene Stratton Porter's "A Daughter of the Land," and was shocked by how dark it was. And grown up - I'm used to her doing bildungsromans, but this was a novel about adults. Perhaps the cynicism came from that. It lacks her usual transcendentalism, but it's strongly shot through with a very Midwestern kind of work ethic, one that values honest craft and tasks well done over riches or beauty. Her heroines are always very restful for me, because they're so often not beautiful, and yet remain loved and lovely. Though "Freckles" does rather break that pattern, at least wrt the Angel. I suppose that Freckles himself isn't exactly pretty, when you come to it.
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I think I at least have an idea now for my Yuletide. Possibly even a framing structure and a few key images - which is very much toward the good. I need to spend a leetle bit more time with the source canon, and then I think I should be able to write this thing pretty painlessly. Which is awesome, because lord knows I have enough stressors in my life at the moment!

I mainly just wish Merlin had caught on early enough in the year to get itself nommed, cause that's kinda the only fandom my brain wants to play with right now. OMG the addictive, it is strong.
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I might be completely and irrevocably in love with this show. I was an Arthuriana baby, and I haven't had much of an excuse to get all bubbly about Camelot for a while. And honestly, when your showrunners are publicly saying things like this: "It is a very, very intense friendship. All epic tales have some elements of homo-eroticism in them, so we were always going to pose these sort of questions. These are men fighting with swords who get up to desperate things" - well, this is maybe what pure, uncut fangirl catnip looks like.

spoilers for 1.11 behind the cut, along with mythological babbling and an analysis of the monarchy. )

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