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Why did no one tell me that Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert, and Sam Raimi are all involved in a new "History, what history? Just go for the sex!" tv show?! This is the best news I've had all week!
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Because I love the girls and women in my fandoms, and think they're awesome.

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I've been playing with things all weekend: did a redesign on my journal, updated and cleaned out my font book. I feel restless and twitchy, and I know why. The final draft of my honors thesis is due in three days, and I don't know what more to do with it, but I feel like I should be working. And I'm terrified. I should be cleaning my apartment, or doing other readings, or working on something - any sort of something. But instead I'm doing anxiety avoidance rituals and flailing.

I think maybe I will just let myself flail until Tuesday, and be productive after that. Screw em. I'm tired and menstrual and I just wanna look at pretty fonts and watch Xena.

Speaking of Xena, I'm sure everyone's seen [livejournal.com profile] thingswithwings's lovely vid The Glass, but if you haven't, the vid makes wonderful semiotic use of the Xena/Gabby waterfall moment. My brain kind of want to talk about the way that the solid glass (which is, technically, a liquid) works to separate the mainly male slash couples throughout the vid, but when you get to the lesbians the boundaries suddenly become more fluid, penetrable without needing to be broken. But that might just be my brain.

Also, a fic rec: K Hanna Korrossy's From the Darkness, which is utterly perfect SamnDean gen schmoop h/c. Sam's been captured by brutal psychic-testing doctors, and Dean's gotta rescue him. Outsider pov. Serious button-mashing. Delicious.

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I've been watching Xena, and it's been making me all melancholy about the current state of tv.

The Boy and I watched that wonderful Indiana Jones uber ep from season two, and he found it slightly off-putting because it was so camp. And in trying to explain it to him, I realized just how radical the proposition of appropriating traditional buddy/hero stories for women actually is. Because I think that's one of the reasons why Xena camps it up so much - the gigglyness softens the blow of it a little.

The end of that ep, when not!Xena and not!Gabby decide to take on the world, just the two of them, got me all misty. And I love my shows, but I wanna see more of that sort of thing. I mean, much as I love the Joss-hat, even Buffy didn't go to the place where Xena does. Men still had a central position in the Buffyverse, it was just that women did too. But Xena sidelines men in a way that I find utterly, utterly charming. More of that please, yes.

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