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Reading Tony sans arc reactor in Iron Man as parallel to Mal in "Out of Gas": the arc reactor analogous to air/oxygen, and Dummy parallel to Serenity. I am happy now imagining fusion AUs in which Mal can wear his darling ship right close to his body and Tony can move in to the Iron Man suit with his bots and his Jarvis and his Pepper and his Avengers and fly the 'verse. If the suit were a ship, what would Tony name it? If Joss was writing it would totally be named, like, Bob or something.

"You can't take the sky from me" vs. "well you can't have it."
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Blind inexpiable things (437 words) by lotesse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Firefly
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: River Tam/Simon Tam
Characters: River Tam, Simon Tam, Jayne Cobb
Additional Tags: Episode Related, Episode: s01e09 Ariel, Mental Health Issues, Keats
Summary: Digital vivisection. She doesn't want him to see. She doesn't want the bed, the cutting bed, to show him her damaged and needy spine.
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I had a thought while finishing the Serenity commentary track. When Joss talks about killing Wash, I was thinking that the reason why that choice was so galling is actually very clear in Joss' defense of it: he killed Wash in order to make us worry more about the other characters. Wash's death is instrumental in the trajectory of other characters, rather than being about himself. It develops others, not him. Which is also the problem folks have been identifying in the fridging of female characters, the dead bro walking problem, the Dances With Wolves/Samurai/Na'vi thing.

So this was sort of bothering at me, and then when I got to the bit where Simon gets shot Joss points out the payoff: you're more worried now, because Joss has established that everyone isn't getting out alive. I get the logic of that, but I've never experienced those emotions myself – I don't think Wash's death made me more worried about the rest of the cast, just as I wasn't more worried for Cap and Tony in Avengers after Coulson went down. Instead, what I think would absolutely gutpunch me – and what I now really really wish Joss had done with Serenity - would be to reverse the structure. If he had almost killed Wash, faked you out, and then last-minute-reprieved him – you thought he was dead but he wasn't – and then Simon went down, you would think at first that he was probably safe, by the same logic that killing one makes killing two more likely. He'll survive; this isn't a killing movie. So think if Joss had done that, and then Simon had really died. Not destroying viewers' comfort, but using it to lure them in to a false sense of safety, and then kill the character who really is the one that should die.

It would make sense in Simon's character arc, in a way that it totally doesn't with Wash's. Wash has everything to live for – he's a very futury sort of guy, in the 'verse. You get the sense that he's the sort who thrives more in new worlds than in old ones. He and Zoe and their babies could be a beautiful sort of image of the 'verse's happy ending, a reverse image of the white rich exclusive detached Tam family. Wash/Zoe is the Sam Gamgee/Rose Cotton of Firefly. But Simon – well, okay, so he could definitely pull a sort of Sacrificial Prince thing, Siddharta-esque, and dying for love, for River, would have a lot of meaning to and for him. It would also be sort of bleakly beautiful to have the adventure of Miranda, the purge that clears River's psychosis, be the thing that also kills her brother and caretaker. Miranda represents the worst sins of the Alliance; Joss says in the commentary that Simon is the best of the Alliance, the handsome talented principled knight-doctor. Having the two polarities cancel each other out might be pretty freaking cool.

And it would set up the end scene with Mal and River better, I think. I love that scene, but there's always been a way that it doesn't quite fit for me – a sort of thematic skip, if you will. The link between the theme of purity/sin/freedom and the theme of love isn't built up enough, maybe. “Love” isn't the final keyword that the end scenes have set up. But it totally should be, because “love” is an excellent final keyword. If Simon died for love, if River was experiencing pain and grief because of the loss that's the inevitable end of love, it would make Mal's paen to it much more resonant and sweet.

I think this might be my headcanon now. Bury Simon out in the stars, out in the desert, Simon, and Book, and Mr. Universe. There's a way that, in the same way that River and The Operative and Mal are involved in a shared plotline of dealing with their own demons and powers, Simon and Mr. Universe share a plotline about government, subversion, and whistleblowing; it would make thematic and practical sense for neither of them to survive.
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So this weekend I moved all my stuff out of my apartment, and now I am apartment-camping and cramming Spanish for the graduate language credit test-out on the 7th. Kind of fun, ngl. Learning languages is such a nice break from criticism, because the learning task is so much more straightforward - memorize, internalize, one word after another, one structure after another. No pressure of originality or argument.

Um. I am sort of a haze of exam-period scatteredness.

This afternoon my awesome students and I are watching "Jaynestown" and eating pizza, because they said they'd rather have a class party than a day off :)
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Rosesudden someone's
Firefly, Inara/Kaylee bodysharing
Masturbation, identity play, sex on the astral plane
Summary: She feels Inara's presence like a snag in silk, tugging at her consciousness: inexorable object and bending current
1017 words, explicit

read here, )
or at the AO3
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Starting a new semester, putting together my teaching syllabus, prepping for my exam study group, and writing a fair amount of fic, yay!

I'm throwing Bujold's "Labyrinth" into my sff comp class - first time I've ever let myself teach something I'm really actively fannish about. I mean, I guess there's "Serenity," but somehow that feels different. I'm not as passionately in love with Malcolm Reynolds as I am with Miles Vorkosigan - and besides, the Big Damn Movie doesn't concentrate on the aspects of the narrative I find most emotionally compelling, i.e. the Crazy Space Incest. So we'll see how that goes.

In further news of excellent and awesome, [personal profile] ataratah drew fanart for Airy cages quelled! And it's goooorgeous. Extra yay!

I'm ready to go, world. Bring it on.
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Luminous firefly lavender
Star Wars OT fusion with Firefly, in the form of a drabble sequence. Gen, Luke&Leia, Han/Luke
racebending, smuggling, meditation, cooking, rebellions, Jedi powers, tech-geeking, hair-braiding, and hot sex in engine rooms
1400 words, G

Hey, did you know your engine's got a bad motivator? )
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Cause it sure made me happy! Apparently Nathan Fillion had a little Han-Solo-in-carbonite figure that the crew of Firefly snuck into shots occasionally (!). Photographic evidence here at Geek With Curves.
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A keen lens of empathy

Firefly, Simon/River, Jaynestown episode coda. 929 words, not explicit. h/c, crazy-space-incest-style. Stream-of-consciousness. “You're hurt,” she says again, noticing in the back of her mind that she's repeating herself. She sounds like a dolt. She tries again, says something new this time. “I didn't notice.”

Read more... )
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Because I love the girls and women in my fandoms, and think they're awesome.

spring on horseback like a lady )
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here, have a whole lotta icons!


twenty Firefly icons, mainly River and Simon )

fifteen BtvS icons - Faith, Angel, Willow, Buffy, Tara )

all free to a good home; comment and credit.
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I both adored and hated the new Dollhouse - and I felt those two ways about the exact same aspect of it.

spoilers )

Linking to [livejournal.com profile] miriam_heddy's very illuminating remarks on Joss and public display of id, and to [livejournal.com profile] yunita's unspeakably beautiful vid My Medea, on Joss and his girls in boxes.
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Being sick-ish, I found myself rewatching odd bits of Firefly on Hulu, as one does. And I can't for the life of me figure out how the hell old Simon Tam is.

Every source I've ever seen pegs Simon at 27, which, okay I guess. Cept that puts him at a good eleven years older than River at sixteen, and that doesn't make any sense to me. The flashback we see of them at the beginning of "Safe" shows us a Simon and River who grew up together - River looks to be somewhere between eight and ten, Simon could maybe pass for fifteen, though the actor playing him is thirteen and, imo, looks it. At largest stretch, that puts seven years between them, which would make Simon at the time of the show 23.

Do we know where the canon of Simon's date of birth comes from?
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It hailed here yesterday, and I was reading Virginia Woolf all by myself with my bones all chilled, and I got a bit blue. So naturally I had to go watch Joss things while I worked on the Thesis O' Doom. and I have sort of long thinky thoughts about Mal and Inara. )

Poor dears. Patriarchy does mess them up so.

Also? I think the main reason why I haven't started reading the Buffy Season 8 comics is that I kind of can't deal with the fact that Buffy and Angel still aren't back together. It's crazy, how much I need to believe that they'll still happen.

I have to send out my Honors draft tomorrow. Eeep.
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Well, eljay has spoken, and I like where their words are going. Their feet may not be going there, but the words are good.

I had a moment of wonderful yesterday: The Boy and I were re-watching Serenity, and realized that we'd never listened to the commentary track. We'd combed Buffy for commentaries, but actually managed to forget the Big Damn Movie.

Before we watched it, we were curled up in bed talking, and I went off a little bit about the planet name "Miranda" in connection to my crazy reading of "The Tempest." The connections to control, to utopias that oppress the savage for his own good, to Prosper putting her to sleep, to "O brave new world, that has such people in it." I was on a role, but of course it was only meta, and they probably eren't thinking of that explicitly. That's how it always goes - our stuff all come from the subtext. The creators are never actually thinking in terms of subversive Shakespeare readings. And then we watched the comm, and we got to Miranda, and Joss said something along the lines of, "And I was thinking about that line from 'The Tempest,' 'O brave new world that has such people in it.'"

And that, gentle reader, is why I'm crazy about Joss. How many guys actually repeat your brilliant and incisive meta back to you, and were thinking of it all along?
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Man, I really need to start reading the debates on gender and fandom that Henry Jenkins is hosting, but my meta-brain feels all burned out. My fannish headspace is full of cravings for long and soppy Buffy/Angel fic instead of thinky things. Maybe next week I'll read through the archives.

also also? Was watching Firefly, as I do. "Heart of Gold," to be exact. And and and the evil chauvinist baby-stealer guy is the YED from Supernatural! And Mal gets to snot him off, and Inara too, and it's all just too awesome for words. And then the mother of the child he was trying to steal shot him, as all the mothers of the Psykids and Mary Winchester never were able to. It felt really good, to watch that. Yay YED.

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