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peeps who've seen the movie, i would like your advice. I'm primarily invested in Tony, did not like the arc reactor elimination/mass suit destroy at the end of IM3 and so have not rewatched it at all, have not seen CATWS, dislike many current MCU Steve tropes, and also i will be upset about [things] happening to jarvis. i've spoiled myself pretty rigorously, but most of the reviews i've seen are either coming from Steve/Bucky fans upset about continuity or people who aren't in to Tony Stark's Endless Woobie Melodrama (secret: i tttly am tho). is there anything worth my going in for?
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am excessively proud of having called the significant of Stephen Colbert's goatee a solid fifteen minutes before he mentioned Iron Man.
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I started this back in my post-movie burst of creativity, and then got lost with it, until I figured out that of course the girl scientist banging the hot Norse divinity was the key to the whole thing.

This poor Scandinavian hero-worship (1750 words) by lotesse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Thor (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jane Foster/Thor
Characters: Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor (Marvel), Jane Foster (Marvel), Jarvis (Iron Man movies)
Additional Tags: Religion, Awkward Conversations, Recreational Drug Use, Science
Summary: “So, I mean,” Tony slurs, curling up against the warm solid mass of Thor's chest, “here's what I don't get. You're a Norse god, right?” Thor rumbles an amused affirmative, and Tony feels the vibrations against his cheek. Fuck he's drunk. He's not supposed to get this drunk. He's so fucking drunk and Thor is a Norse god. “So that means that you're conclusive proof in the existence of god. Atheism is screwed.”
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Original Daniel Jackson cast as the Avengers 2 villain! I am happy about this!

Getting back into the swing of teaching this week; I'm doing a sci-fi focused comp class again, but unlike last time I have surprisingly few nerds. Lots of interested mundies, though; they all picked the class, and they all seem into it. Today was a bit of an impeded lesson, as I found on arrival that my computer/projector system was nonfuctional, and then the tech guys disassembled it in the front of the classroom for the whole rest of the period. Thank god enough of my students had laptops with them.

Very, very much enjoying Elementary, particularly the way it's dealing with criminal insanity - admitting that it does exist, but focusing on the cruelty and manipulation and abuse of the people who use the mentally ill as their tools, dupes, and scapegoats. I love Gregson, and the gentle respect of his relationship with Sherlock (also god I love Aiden Quinn, have ever since I imprinted on Desperately Seeking Susan). I wish the one Black detective didn't seem like such an obvious cardboard stand-in.

I also like the way that they keep emphasizing the intellectual strength of their Watson, coming back to the fact that you have to be damn smart to be a doctor. Watson is a more linear, traditional thinker than Holmes, but she's ferociously intelligent in her mode. Holmes is a nonlinear thinker, loops and multiple tracks and always a certain intertextuality between representation and reality (and this is why I tend to identify with Holmes characters, because. Yes.) But the trick of the thing is that it's really helpful to have access to both kinds of intelligence. It's why Holmeses and Watsons work well together - and I really like that this iteration seems to be emphasizing the intellectual, rather than physical/violent/actiony, aspects of that partnership. (and it is so nice to see other parts of one of Lucy Liu's characters being focal than her sex appeal!)

eta: watching 1.08 tho and am v. sad to see Lisa Edelstein's character being sexually humiliated - maybe it's just leftover sensitivity from House, but I hate it when she gets objectified.
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meme from [personal profile] ilthit, because I'm trying to freaking finish some of these: The game is to find the word “look” in your current work in progress, and post an excerpt from that section of the manuscript.

Star Wars )

more Star Wars )

Vorkosigan Saga )

Avengers )
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I voted absentee weeks ago, so all I've got left to do now is sit and wait and try not to think about it. last-minute psa'd my students yesterday on where/how to vote. God, y'all, everyone keeps talking about voter fraud and recounts and I'm not sure we can do another 2000 right now.

So here are other things I'm thinking about that are more fannish and less anxious and more fun:

- over the course of grading midterm papers, I've managed to rewatch both seasons of Shameless US, and holy shit y'all I love this show. I want the new seeeeeasooooon, but it won't be around until January, bloody hellcakes. This show hits all of my "siblings on their own form pseudofamily" kinks - yes I did really like the Boxcar Children, and holy balls I would read porn of that in a hot minute, come on, someone's got to have at least shipped the older sibs. Except that Shameless also has (relatively) realistic poverty and some race/gender/sexual diversity, and passes the Bechdel test and also contains some not-half-bad sex scenes. And Fiona's hair gets dirty and Lip is awesome with his smartkid rage and Debbiiiiieee is my favorite and Kev reminds me of every older dude I grew up with back home.

- listening to an audiobook of Shadows of the Empire - there's no frelling podfic in this fandom, I'm reduced to EU recordings and the old radio serials if I want audio engagement - and I've got to say, if Dash Rendar was a real thing that really happened, oh my god Luke had so much angsty self-loathing sex with him between ESB and RotJ. Of course, Dash Rendar probably wasn't a real thing that really happened, because he's an example of the same storytelling tactic that frustrated me so much in Captain America: a regular character (Han, Tony) are unavailable to the narrative, for whatever reason, so the writers create a knockoff character (Rendar, Howard) so that they can keep working with familiar dynamics. But 1. that undersells the impact of the character's absence and 2. creates these kind of boring cardboard cutout fake surrogate characters.

-(Marvel tangent: because Howard Stark isn't supposed to be that much like Tony, guys. Tony's flash and flip are the defense mechanisms you develop when you grow up in the spotlight, when you're the inheritor of something and everyone keeps looking to you and you don't quite know how to deal with that kind of pressure. Howard seems like a much more "self-made man" archetype, all gravitas and teeth, the guy who went out and built himself a fortune and made himself get kind of cold in the process. CA!Howard Stark is one of the hardest things in the MCU for me to wrap my head around, because the archetypes just don't make sense that way.)
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I'm writing! I'm writing! I'm not writing my yuletide assignment - which I'm excited about in sort of a warm quiet way, because I think it's going to come out a warm quiet story that might not change the world but will make me & hopefully my recip warm and happy - or either of the other two projects I'm maybe doing for other yuletide folks. No, I'm finally writing on the Star Wars OT truthdrugs story I started the same month as A bed of daysided gold, but that keeps getting bigger and more intense on me. (not, sadly, faster and more intense. slower. slower and more intense.) I think I've maybe figured out some of the overall thematic unities of the story, which is really good information to have, but a lot of what I've been doing today is going back and getting myself out of the bottlenecks I'd got myself into when I was blundering around in the trope-infested dark. At 10k+ right now, finish line not yet in sight.

here are some other bits of fannish stuff and/or linkspammage:
- dept of Tony Stark + robots. Did you know that DUM-E starred in his very own GM commercial before becoming a prop on Iron Man? (this might be a thing that everyone's seen but me, but I'd never seen it so I thought I'd share. um, warnings for sad robots/implied robot suicide? DUM-E is not doing so well.)

- in other Tony Stark + robots news, apparently the sound effects for Tony's babies are drawn from ILM's sound library - which was largely compiled by Ben Burtt for the original Star Wars trilogy. Which pretty much explains their lovability factor in my book - Burtt is a god among men.

- Nick Mamatas defends genre fiction against all the snobbery the New Yorker can bring to bear.

- the best parts of this discussion of Narnia and divine justice over at [livejournal.com profile] cartesiandaemon's is the stuff in the comments about the nature of a certain kind of fantasy: "Where riding for weeks and weeks of wilderness only to find a knight guarding a bridge with no shelter and certainly no way of getting food, and no suggestion of what he does the three hundred and sixty-four days a year that someone isn't trying to cross his bridge, is just the kind of thing that happens, because the idea that the world should make coherent sense is just inconceivable and what is important is that there are two knights and a bridge and one of them is going to have to give way. Oh, and a barefoot maiden might just happen to come along in the middle of the fight too to point out that the knights are in fact brothers, despite that the nearest village is weeks of hard ride away so where was she hiding, eh?" Includes interesting stuff on Star Wars as well.

- and also here, have a link to a lovely essay on self-care from Elise Nagy: "It’s difficult to practice self care without slipping into a self-interrogation about complacency, about whether you deserve this care or are just coddling yourself, about whether giving yourself credit for something so basic—taking care of yourself—really makes you a more broken and less competent human being. (People make it through author’s talks in crowded theatres every day without needing to take a time out, people go grocery shopping every day without making it into some huge meaningful deal, people go through much worse, people would love to have the problems you have, the voice says.)" Because we've got a hurricane and an election and a Disney buyout, people, ish is pretty intense right now.
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I just realized that there's going to be a commentary track on the Avengers DVD. Yay! There are few things I love harder than Joss Whedon commentary tracks and their mix of nerdiness, formalism, and politics, and I could really happily listen to him talk about comic book superheroes and their ways for 2+ hours.

I'm in a weird place right now - my exam process really burned me out, and I'm having an almost pavlovian negative response to the nineteenth century at present. Which, on the one hand, I've got months before my dissertation prospectus has to be written, and it might not be the worst thing in the world for me to cool it, backbrain some stuff, and see if I can't sort of reclaim my life from university stuff. I might even, you know, finish a fic one of these days. But on the other I feel ishy about it, because the nineteenth century is almost like a fandom, right, and this is pretty much the first time I've ever actually burned myself out of a fandom. Also I have to present research at the NAVSA conference in Madison next week, should probably start caring about at the very least Middlemarch again.

I'm doing a lot of physical maintenance atm, in the hopes that curing the body will also cure the mind. So I'm getting chiropraction, which I've needed for years, and doing a food cleanse with no wheat, caffeine, or cocoa, since those are my personal poisons. But I still feel really tired and unsparkful. Thank god electoral politics have been so entertaining this week - it's a good brain distraction, and with the sheer amount of horrible Mittens Romney's produced in the last week alone it's becoming nicely farcical.
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a meme from [personal profile] musesfool: Pick any passage of 500 words or less from any story I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.
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I just finished the 2011 Great Expectations miniseries, because fuck if I'm rereading Dickens, y'all - and, tangentially, oh my god Gillian Anderson makes the most luminously wonderful Miss Havisham in the entire world, I am sorry for the Victorian Era because they did not get to see her performing this role, oh my god oh my god - but, what I actually came here to say was this:

Avengers AU.

So Steve Rogers is this scrawny little working-class kid - is this a no powers AU? I think it is, but could be convinced otherwise - and Nick Fury washes up in the marshes and of course little Steve brings him meat pie as well as the requested file, of course he does. And then Steve's parents send him to Stark House, where the eccentric heartless (rich) gentleman Howard Stark needs someone for his little Tony to practice breaking hearts on. And Steve thinks all these gifts he's getting are Stark tech, but it's all actually being channeled through Mr. Shield the lawyer by Fury, who's still hiding out in Australia. Howard's an unfeeling asshole, nothing new there, and he's training Tony to be a slick amoral bastard just like him, and little Tony is this halfpint with big eyes who's trying really really hard to be a bully but he's just no good at it and it doesn't take very long before Steve starts seeing through him and asking if he's ever lonely and not caring when Tony sharpens his tongue on him.

And Steve grows into a young man of Great Expectations, and (with the help of some sort of gift from his benefactor?) gets much less scrawny, and he's convinced that he's meant to marry Tony, but Tony goes with idk Ty Stone instead, and Steve's shocked when it turns out the gifts were from Fury all along.

... hang on, did I just make Nick Fury Tony's biodad? It is too late at night for this, clearly, so I'mma hit post now.
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I'm finally reading Elaine Scarry's "On Beauty and Being Just," - one of the ones I've been pretending to have read for years - and, idek, guys, I kind of hate it. Like, the prose is gorgeous, of course, hers always is, but I feel like she's strawmanning all over the place. I'll agree that extrapolating from feminist critiques of beauty to argue that, say, a vase is negatively reified when looked at is silly as anything. But similarly, I feel like extrapolating from a vase or a flower to human aesthetics is just as wrongheaded, and that's what she keeps doing. The feminist critique doesn't object to beauty qua beauty, it objects to the weaponization of beauty in the service of racism, classism, and misogyny. So I just. Don't know what to do with this book. And am frustrated.

some linkspamming:

[personal profile] oursin, 'Adequate' and 'competent' are not, in fact, pejoratives - this conversation was something I really needed to read. When I was in fifth grade, my parents convinced me that even top marks were meaningless, because all my As meant was that I was doing better than the other kids, not that I was working at my own maximum potential. So I just possibly have some issues.

Abigail Nussbaum reviews the Avengers - everything she said, please.

new Regina Spektor Album with streaming option!

eta: Garland Grey, Buffy Vs. The Beige Demon: Good Riddance to Riley Finn: Most modern television shows display their enlightenment by unleashing paper sexists at their heroine and allowing us to take the clobbering of these shadows as a triumph over sexism. Which, in the unscripted world, is too often not a douchebag saying “You can’t cuz you’re a girl” but is instead someone internalizing that belief and using their power to punish you for it. This scenario creates a false image in the culture of “What Sexism Looks Like” which men use to calibrate their understanding of misogyny. Which means anything less blatant than THAT is just the moaning of people who can’t compete AND once the show has labeled itself NOT SEXIST, it is free to deal in subtler, more insidious forms of sexism. Also with lovely Classic Trek exempla.
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I am safely transported & tucked in to the lakeshore in Michigan City - I went swimming yesterday, even though the water temp is still hovering just under 50 degrees Fahrenheit, because I needed to be in the Big Water and also that's just how I roll.

Disappointingly, missed passing the Spanish proficiency test by a single point; will retake in August, shouldn't be too much of a problem, I've already googled up correct answers to three questions I was unsure of, and the test given hasn't changed in like forty years.

At some point during this week I'mma go see The Avengers in the cinema, because they'll screen it for non-3D-enabled persons here. The cam dl is simply not enough, I need to see my babies large as life and twice as beautiful.

Am reading Mary Barton. It's all right, I guess, but I haven't managed to get any more pleasure out of it than that sort of pleasant meandering boredom that long realist nineteenth-century novels so often produce.
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... apparently recording this stuff is just about the most fun a girl can have alone in her apartment waiting to move. idek. All Avengers this time:

Hold Me Down by [personal profile] elspethdixon and [personal profile] seanchai
Avengers comicsverse Steve/Tony, rated pg-13, 24:06 minutes
at sendspace

Perception by [archiveofourown.org profile] ashinan
Avengers movieverse Steve/Tony, rated g, 9:06 minutes
at sendspace

My Heart Keeps Beating by [archiveofourown.org profile] ashinan
Avengers movieverse Steve/Tony, rated g, 11:02 minutes
at sendspace
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You know, The Avengers is great and everything, but I think what I really want is for Joss to write a tv show about them all and have it become a breakaway ten-season-running hit. Think about it: musical episode, bodyswap, that time in Season Three when everyone gets dosed with Evil Gas, a whole season of Steve/Tony hatelove UST, the inevitable drama when everyone on the team sleeps with/breaks up with everyone else, periodic Asgardian mayhem, Natasha delivering incisive feminist commentary on the whole thing under her breath. Bucky as the surprise cast addition halfway through the second season, Peter Parker as the sixth-season gamechanger. A kicky opening credits sequence.
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because, y'all, I freaking LOVE chicken shawarma; it is the food of the gods.

Cardamom is the perfect spice
Avengers, Steve/Tony, Clint/Natasha, post-film coda: now with added shawarma!
{movie spoilers, food, first kisses, names, soldier issues}
2536 words, general

at the AO3
or behind the cut )
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So I went & bought myself a microphone & have been recording merrily. The fruits of my labors:

Time's sublimest target is a soul forgot, by me
Dark is Rising unrequited Will/Bran, mature, 12:22 minutes
at sendspace


Precious Illusion by [livejournal.com profile] simmysim
Avengers comicsverse, Steve+Tony+bodies+transcendence, general, 26:50 minutes
at sendspace
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some things make a post!

i. I had a lovely encounter with a little old lady outside of the Uni library this afternoon, I was picking up a book and on a meter so couldn't stay long to talk to her, but she was handing out informational flyers about the fact that in Indiana 17.3 percent of girls in grades 9-12 have been raped. The woman must have been 75+, and there was something beautiful about the interactions I saw taking place between her, earnestly handing out her flyers, and the teenaged students she was reaching out to her. I admire the hell out of her dedication, drive, and chutzpah.

ii. on a less good note: I wish my extended family could grok that the way to help your introverted grandkid is not to poke her about her lack of a social life until she feels completely crushed by social expectation and her failure to measure up. I hate my patterns of response to that sort of thing, because I also recognize that I do need to keep trying to be social, especially in the collapse of a lot of my support structures after The Breakup last fall. But the overwhelming fear and self-hatred that inevitably swamps me in the aftermath of those conversations makes it difficult for me to do anything but retreat to the safety of my room & my computer & my cats. Just. Not helpful, you guys. I love you, but not helpful.

iii. on a more geeky note: 12:30 am last night, while hiding from social anxiety with help of internet, I had a brainwave. Steve/Tony = a more sexed-up, contemporary, potentially-edgy rendition of a lot of the things I loved as a kid in Sam/Frodo. Strong fairhaired earnest genuine do-gooder paired with angsty cerebral guilty-about-the-past, not to mention physically damaged by past contact with objects of mass destruction. No wonder this ship is eating my life. It's like a whole bunch of my favorite tropes have grown up with me, and started critiquing heteronormativity and the military-industrial complex.

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