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four things make a post:

- I love reading oldschool XF MSR work, because of how transparently women's wish-fulfillment it so often is - because there's some whole additional level of hot in knowing that you're reading the work of a powerful independent creative thoughtful woman theorizing her own revolutionary empowered sexuality via media interpretation, laid on top of the ordinary pleasure of the text.

- It consistently wrongfoots me that The X-Files, while a show about aliens and the search for extraterrestrial life, is not about first contact in the trekkie sort of way; not about xenopolitics, strange ways of being, the wonder of the encounter with true vital difference. I keep wanting to know about Reticulan attitudes toward fetal life, their reproductive politics. Or their perspective on contact with our, to them alien, world and worldview - do they have a Prime Directive? but the show isn't doing that, isn't about that.

- As charming as the magical realism of "The Rain King" may be, the episode is guilty of NiceGuyism and romanticization of coerced consent.

- Now that I think about it, nu!Trek isn't about first contact in the same way that classic Trek was; nu!Starfleet is presented imo as pretty much always already integrated, although of course actual on-screen representations skews heavily white-dude-wards. But, like, we've known the Vulcans for a long time in that verse; the presence of multiplanetary life forms clearly borders on the passe there. Contrast with TOS, where yes we've made a few interplanetary contacts but closer alliances are only just beginning to form, where Spock serving as first officer on a Federation ship alongside humans actually seems to be something of an anomaly - which, it would have to be, considering that none of the Federation people know about the existence of pon farr. TOS McCoy is constantly having to theorize alien physiology on the fly, because while they're a United Federation of Planets in name, these people are only beginning to really enter into the interplanetary field. I wonder what that shift is about - does more racial integration erase the primacy of the fantasy of difference? and does that erasure benefit or harm goals toward infinite diversity in infinite combinations?
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I just finished the 2011 Great Expectations miniseries, because fuck if I'm rereading Dickens, y'all - and, tangentially, oh my god Gillian Anderson makes the most luminously wonderful Miss Havisham in the entire world, I am sorry for the Victorian Era because they did not get to see her performing this role, oh my god oh my god - but, what I actually came here to say was this:

Avengers AU.

So Steve Rogers is this scrawny little working-class kid - is this a no powers AU? I think it is, but could be convinced otherwise - and Nick Fury washes up in the marshes and of course little Steve brings him meat pie as well as the requested file, of course he does. And then Steve's parents send him to Stark House, where the eccentric heartless (rich) gentleman Howard Stark needs someone for his little Tony to practice breaking hearts on. And Steve thinks all these gifts he's getting are Stark tech, but it's all actually being channeled through Mr. Shield the lawyer by Fury, who's still hiding out in Australia. Howard's an unfeeling asshole, nothing new there, and he's training Tony to be a slick amoral bastard just like him, and little Tony is this halfpint with big eyes who's trying really really hard to be a bully but he's just no good at it and it doesn't take very long before Steve starts seeing through him and asking if he's ever lonely and not caring when Tony sharpens his tongue on him.

And Steve grows into a young man of Great Expectations, and (with the help of some sort of gift from his benefactor?) gets much less scrawny, and he's convinced that he's meant to marry Tony, but Tony goes with idk Ty Stone instead, and Steve's shocked when it turns out the gifts were from Fury all along.

... hang on, did I just make Nick Fury Tony's biodad? It is too late at night for this, clearly, so I'mma hit post now.
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day late and a dollar short, but here's an X-Files double drabble.

Carrying a stone in each eye
Mulder & Lucy Householder, during the cancer arc
ghosts, soup, and grief
Summary: Lucy looks at him with dark eyes. "Don't be a dick. She's the one with cancer."
200 words, general

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or read at the AO3
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... fuck, Thomas Carlyle, I'm not really having any trouble figuring out why the fascists liked you so much. Yadda yadda great men this, yadda yadda great men that, kneejerk universalism, Progress-with-a-capital-P, and an amazingly casual ability to dimiss other cultures or moments as "stupid." I hate having to deal with discourse; counterdiscourse is almost always so much shinier. But such is the life of the exam-preparer, or so I'm told. Bloody discourse. And the retrograde ones are always longwinded, have you ever noticed that?

In other news, the X-Files! So somewhere toward the end of the third season it stops being a show and becomes a Show. It's like they suddenly figured out what it was for. Which is interesting timing; usually that sort of thing happens in the second season or not at all, from what I can see. Also, 4.04? Hello hometown! Although wow that episode is really not set in Traverse City, Michigan even a little bit. Even at all.
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I spent the weekend upstate with my grandmother, who's not in terribly great health, & is rehabbing from a broken collarbone in a pretty dismal institution. Read Greenwitch out loud to her. My tentative plan, depending on how all things go with her, is to spend the summer up there & lend a hand. I'm reading for exams, but there's no reason why I have to do that here, and I haven't summered on the Big Lake in nearly four years, and she just needs some joy & love around her. There's no reason in the world why she ought to be a sad old lady.

I'm also through Season 2 of "The X-Files." What an interesting ride! The paranoia can hack me off at times - there were definitely moments of either woman-torture or xeno/homophobia that I skipped over, just because I don't always want to see that sort of thing. It's interesting contrasting the MotW format here with shows like Supernatural - I think it's the way spn connected the monsters directly to the heroes so often that makes the difference, if that makes any sense. And I need fic! I ripped through RivkaT's Iolokus series over the weekend - oh, y'all, YUM. I've tasted blood and I want more.

Rec me Mulder/Scully fic! Within S1-2 canon would be great, but spoiler stuff that I can understand based on context is also cool. Longfic & Muldertorture appreciated.
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I started watching The X-Files last night. Yes, for the first time - I spent the 90s without a tv/access to pop culture, and somehow I'd never gone looking for XF since the glory that is streaming video burst onto the scene of my life.

Wow, y'all, this is pretty boss. Scully, how so awesome? She's short and not super-skinny and not dressed like a model and smart and savvy and driven and I love the way the subtext of the show, at least, is aware that she has to protect her career much more aggressively than Mulder does, that it would be a lot easier for her to lose everything via bad reputation due to her gender. And Mulder is like this babydoll Slytherin, really sweet & vulnerable but also bitchy and scathing and not above trolling when he has nothing better to do. I can see why this ship appealed to slashers so intensely! And also, that scene at the end of 1.03 with Mulder in the chapel and his hypnotic regression playing in voiceover? Holy fuck that's elegant meaning-making right there - though I did feel like I had a small [personal profile] thingswithwings hovering over my shoulder making noises about manpain, courtesy of that vid.

But a lot of the thoughts I was having last night were about history and politics - which is interesting considering that I watch a lot of tv older than this - but watching XF in 2012 kind of convinced me, for the first time, that 9/11 changed everything. I have very little awareness of a time before the PATRIOT act. I'm used to the FBI being really scarily powerful, to wiretapping being no big deal, to the Feds being the omnipotent baddies, and in XF they're sort of lovably powerless! Mulder and Scully keep getting kicked off crime scenes by cops, marginalized by the government, generally cast as underdogs. The dissonance is so weird.

Also, all the microfilm scanning is making me more thankful than ever for the digital age. My god, how did anyone ever get anything done?

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