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I spent the weekend upstate with my grandmother, who's not in terribly great health, & is rehabbing from a broken collarbone in a pretty dismal institution. Read Greenwitch out loud to her. My tentative plan, depending on how all things go with her, is to spend the summer up there & lend a hand. I'm reading for exams, but there's no reason why I have to do that here, and I haven't summered on the Big Lake in nearly four years, and she just needs some joy & love around her. There's no reason in the world why she ought to be a sad old lady.

I'm also through Season 2 of "The X-Files." What an interesting ride! The paranoia can hack me off at times - there were definitely moments of either woman-torture or xeno/homophobia that I skipped over, just because I don't always want to see that sort of thing. It's interesting contrasting the MotW format here with shows like Supernatural - I think it's the way spn connected the monsters directly to the heroes so often that makes the difference, if that makes any sense. And I need fic! I ripped through RivkaT's Iolokus series over the weekend - oh, y'all, YUM. I've tasted blood and I want more.

Rec me Mulder/Scully fic! Within S1-2 canon would be great, but spoiler stuff that I can understand based on context is also cool. Longfic & Muldertorture appreciated.
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So, okay, I am no longer quite so blue and fragile, but I am still badly out of touch with fannish squee. Idk why, but all of my post-yuletide writing projects are languishing and I'm not writing and argh. And I think part of it is that I miss being in an active fandom? Where people'll ramble about the sourcetext in a communally squeeful kind of way? So I'm going to ramble and squee about some things, and if you're feeling it squee back mmkay? Also there are picspams, because yay picspams right?

early seasons of Supernatural )

Original Star Wars )

Battlestar Galactica Classic )

Hmm - I seem to being doing classic-style media fandoms at present? Which is funny because between Radclyffe Hall and George Eliot and also rereading stuff from the Brontës' Angria and Gondal games my non-media brain is very girl-centric at present. Maybe that's why I can't write! Anyway, off to watch more pretty boys on my screen - bugger productivity tonight.


9 Apr 2010 12:03 pm
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So. I watched Supernatural last night for the first time in about a year. Because Michael Shanks is adorable, and I thought that Apoca!Daniel + Winchesters could just possibly = awesome.

I backbuttoned out twenty minutes into the ep. Any guesses why?

So not sorry that I stopped watching that show. It really hasn't changed. And now I feel distinctly relieved to have made it out, to no longer have to care so much. It doesn't hurt in the same way once you've fallen out of love, it seems.
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watching: )

not watching: )

Anything you guys think I really need to pick up?
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Mmmrph. Brain falling out of ears.

I'm editing/proofing a Master's thesis for a friend of a friend on foster care and family systems, and man. A hundred and fifty-odd pages of (sigh) not very dynamic writing. Blarph.

But! It is making me want to go off and read foster care fic! So here are some recs:

Oye Como Va by Micah. The Sentinel. Not straight foster care, but a great look at Blair Sandburg's itinerant childhood and the connections he formed in that time. Fabulously atmospheric, prettily emo.

Nilchance's shelter-verse. Supernatural. Winchesters and foster care: not an easy combination.

little rattle stilt by [personal profile] hope.Supernatural. "He’s not afraid. He’s angry. Dad always told him it was better to be angry than afraid. Dad told him he only had to be afraid of the things Dad couldn’t kill, and Dean laughed and said that was nothing."

Moon by [personal profile] kalimyre. SG-1. Daniel has psychic whammy, Jack has to watch his dreams, less than pleasant bits of Daniel's history with the foster care system are revealed.

Legacy by Anglachel. Lord of the Rings. A fascinating look at Frodo's relationship to his blood family, his lost parents' memories, and Bilbo.

oh, and speaking of, does anyone know where Willow-wode's Rites of Passage has scarpered off to?

(this is what I love about fandom. Work boring? Solution is obviously fictional hunters, archaeologists, Guides, and hobbits. We are so collectively odd.)
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I've been thinking about my positive reaction to Supernatural last night, in contrast to the middling reactions I've been seeing around. And I guess I just - this show, I don't care about the plot, I really don't. This isn't Buffy, shoot, this isn't Fullmetal Alchemist, this is not that show. I don't really want it to be. I have plenty of smart, challenging fandoms that fully engage my brain, that give me everything that I'm hungry for in the canon.

Supernatural has never been that show. Supernatural is the boy/boy melodrama. spoilers for 4.07, ITGPSW, follow )
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ooh baby, like that! That was perfect, that was awesome, that was exactly what I wanted omg. Show is, as usual, very bad at dealing with my subculture, but show is so not the smart guy. Show is the dumb pretty guy who is oh so pretty and gives fabulous emo.

spoilers for Supernatural 4.07 )
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beware unhappy and otherwise disgruntled thoughts. spoilers for 4.03 )
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Oh. My. God. Show.

are you there, god? )
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The Christmas Cottage trailer gives me so much infinite joy. With the little red SCARF! and the dorky GRIN and Peter O'Toole and the terrible, terrible paintings! And the incestyness! Did I mention the scarf?

eeeeee! )

I am seeing this the INSTANT that it comes out, preferably with lots of alcohol and several squealing fangirls. Maybe we'll have a party. Oh, JAYRED!
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So I have a final book list for my Gender & Spec Fic course:

Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed
Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower
Marge Piercy, Woman at the Edge of Time
Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing
Tamora Pierce, In The Hand of the Goddess
Ursula K. LeGuin, Tehanu
Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad
Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber

Plus stories/essays by Johanna Russ, Kameron Hurley, Carol Clover, Gilbert & Gubar, and a showing of Firefly, plus a handful of blog entries to keep us modern/edgy. O yeah.

Started watching Farscape last night, from the beginning. Man, this show is weird. But then again, Claudia Black is hot like fire.

Is it bad that I'm more excited for House Season Five than I am for Supernatural Four? It's just that House is in this great shiny place with all these possibilities, and Supernatural is stuck in this plotline that I really don't like. All the tropes and relationships and arcs that I really liked have faded away - I want Sammy to keep being the emo little brother with troubling mindpowers, and Dean to keep being the rebellious child-parent with daddy issues who figures his own self-worth through his brother. and the show keeps taking them farther and farther from that.
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Gilly linked to a post in [livejournal.com profile] despatches on Jack Sparrow being broken down in pairing fanfic, located here. It surprised me, because in truth that's my biggest disappointment with the Pirates franchise - they didn't break Jack Sparrow down.

We keep wanting to have these characters in our shiny things who are bad and brash and silver-tongued. Han Solo, Jack Sparrow, Dean Winchester. There's a definite mystique there. But my instinctual response to that sort of character is to assume that they're wearing a mask, and to want to tear it off of them. To break down the inhuman hostility of masks and beings. )

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I've been playing with things all weekend: did a redesign on my journal, updated and cleaned out my font book. I feel restless and twitchy, and I know why. The final draft of my honors thesis is due in three days, and I don't know what more to do with it, but I feel like I should be working. And I'm terrified. I should be cleaning my apartment, or doing other readings, or working on something - any sort of something. But instead I'm doing anxiety avoidance rituals and flailing.

I think maybe I will just let myself flail until Tuesday, and be productive after that. Screw em. I'm tired and menstrual and I just wanna look at pretty fonts and watch Xena.

Speaking of Xena, I'm sure everyone's seen [livejournal.com profile] thingswithwings's lovely vid The Glass, but if you haven't, the vid makes wonderful semiotic use of the Xena/Gabby waterfall moment. My brain kind of want to talk about the way that the solid glass (which is, technically, a liquid) works to separate the mainly male slash couples throughout the vid, but when you get to the lesbians the boundaries suddenly become more fluid, penetrable without needing to be broken. But that might just be my brain.

Also, a fic rec: K Hanna Korrossy's From the Darkness, which is utterly perfect SamnDean gen schmoop h/c. Sam's been captured by brutal psychic-testing doctors, and Dean's gotta rescue him. Outsider pov. Serious button-mashing. Delicious.

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Fic: I guess you call this love; I call it service
Supernatural, gen & Sam/Jess, pg-13, 3,145 words

Spoilers for 3.14 "Long Distance Call": Sam shook his head, looking back out of the window. Avoiding Dean’s eyes. Trying to remember the exact way her hair looked in the sunlight. “No,” he said dully. “I don’t know what it is.”

why don't you come on back to the war, can't you hear me speaking? )

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This isn't about "Long Distance Caller" so much as it's about the entire third season, but I'mma put it behind a cut anyway. Read more... )
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First, this picture of Jayred is about going to end me. It has certainly ended my panties in a showery explosion of sparks. Though I do want to photoshop his ickle moles back in, because those are the best part, damn it.

Oh Jared, how are you so excessively pretty? How?

And then, more thoughts on SPN 3x13. )

(also, Prince Caspian comes out in 18 days.)
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This episode is LOVE, I tell you! EPIC EPIC KIND OF GAY LOVE.

'Til Johnny's dancing with me/ I've got no reason to smile )
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That thing Jared does with his neck when he kisses. It's like the nape of his neck elongates, and all the intensity of him originates there. He both leans into kisses and holds back, because he's holding the entire thing up. Jared: he's like Atlas, in a way. In a really, mindblowingly hot king of way. He's just so bloody immense, y'all. He just surrounds Jess when he kisses her, and Jess is not a tiny wee thing like Sandy McCoy. Mmmrph. Yum.

This bit of perving brought to you by Lotí rewatching the Sam/Jess bits of the Pilot.

eta: this is kind of a GIP, because even though I made this icon waaay back when, I've never sued it, because I couldn't remember what the text was from, and I felt odd and vaguely dirty about it. But then the Boy reminded me last night that it was, of course, a Zap Brannigan line, and now I'm happy with the icon because it demonstrates the sheer oddness of my brain. These bits of text dirft across it, man, and I don't know what they're about most of the time. But anything that positions Dean as Zap Brannigan and Sammy as Leela is awesome by me.
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Just because visual links amuse me. I've been watching my way back through seasons one and two of Supernatural, mainly because it's so fun to watch them not being in love with each other and contrast that with their current state of wild codependent passion, and then watch them falling more and more for each other, and yeah I had a point here.

Or not so much as a point as a small amused noise. In IMToD, Sammy looks ridonkulously like ESB-era Luke Skywalker. Por exemplo: )

Maybe it's the curling hair at the back of the neck, or the way Sammy's nose looks smaller than it really is from that angle. The Luke caps aren't great, but I swear that each and every time I watch IMToD it makes me smile. Star Wars in truckstop America, indeed.

Sometimes I think my brain is maybe kind of really random. Paper-writing has rendered me useless for everyday life. (Has anyone ever written Star Wars AUs? Because I would totally read that.)

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