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Wow reading post-TS-by-BS Sentinel fic is a really different experience once you've started and abandoned a dissertation and an academic career. Damn.
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Aack. Mom just dragged me into a "who do you love best" game between Daddy and his sibs. And I'm not saying my aunts aren't psychotic. They are. If you told me that my aunt K. had killed someone, I'd believe it without hesitation. But I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who had to grow up with my dad; it's complicated enough being his daughter, let alone his little sister. They're psychotic, he's supercilious. It's not a good mix.

I'm feeling more belongingness with them than with my parents of late. I catch too much secondhand undigested anger from mom and dad anymore. Maybe it's that I feel better hanging around kin who actively admit their crazy rather than denying that they have any in the first place.

Home now, at any rate, and processing my feelings via watching all the Naomi episodes of The Sentinel. Did y'all know that the actress who played her did I Love You, Alice B. Toklas with Mia Farrow and Peter Sellers? I'mma have to look that business up; Sellers is an old favorite of mine, and I love Mia Farrow but don't often actually see her in things because I don't watch Woody Allen or Roman Polanski movies (except for the parts of Midnight in Paris that involve Gertrude Stein or that fabulous caricature of Hemingway).
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Mmmrph. Brain falling out of ears.

I'm editing/proofing a Master's thesis for a friend of a friend on foster care and family systems, and man. A hundred and fifty-odd pages of (sigh) not very dynamic writing. Blarph.

But! It is making me want to go off and read foster care fic! So here are some recs:

Oye Como Va by Micah. The Sentinel. Not straight foster care, but a great look at Blair Sandburg's itinerant childhood and the connections he formed in that time. Fabulously atmospheric, prettily emo.

Nilchance's shelter-verse. Supernatural. Winchesters and foster care: not an easy combination.

little rattle stilt by [personal profile] hope.Supernatural. "He’s not afraid. He’s angry. Dad always told him it was better to be angry than afraid. Dad told him he only had to be afraid of the things Dad couldn’t kill, and Dean laughed and said that was nothing."

Moon by [personal profile] kalimyre. SG-1. Daniel has psychic whammy, Jack has to watch his dreams, less than pleasant bits of Daniel's history with the foster care system are revealed.

Legacy by Anglachel. Lord of the Rings. A fascinating look at Frodo's relationship to his blood family, his lost parents' memories, and Bilbo.

oh, and speaking of, does anyone know where Willow-wode's Rites of Passage has scarpered off to?

(this is what I love about fandom. Work boring? Solution is obviously fictional hunters, archaeologists, Guides, and hobbits. We are so collectively odd.)

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