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modified anti-Trump banishing ritual, to be done at midnight EST on the waning moon: Feb 24, March 26, April 24, May 23, ect.

-bowl of witch hazel and water
-bowl of blessed thistle and soil
-bowl with a feather and incense dust
-lit white candle
-candle dyed orange with cinnamon and turmeric, inscribed with his name
-Tower tarot card


earth, air, fire, water
And spirits of the ancestors

I call upon you
To bind
Donald J. Trump
So that his malignant works may fail utterly
That he may do no harm

To any human soul
Nor any tree
or Sea

Bind him so that he shall not break our polity
Usurp our liberty
Or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair
And bind, too,
All those who enable his wickedness
And those whose mouths speak his poisonous lies

bind all of them
As with chains of iron
Bind their malicious tongues
Strike down their towers of vanity

(invert Tower tarot card beneath the orange candle)

in my name

In the name of all who walk
Crawl, swim, or fly
Of all the trees, the forests,
Streams, deserts,
Rivers and seas
In the name of Justice
And Liberty
And Love

And Equality
And Peace

Bind their tongues
Bind their works
Bind their wickedness
Bind them in chains

So mote it be! So mote it be! So mote it be!
You're FIRED!
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Tarot just laid some shit on me - I'm all shaky over. Read more... )

A Tangent on Sirius Black, my personal relationship therewith: I freaked myself out yesterday when I had the thought that, although I feel a lot of emotional kinship right now with Sirius, in re the being sort of forcibly stopped as a young person and then emerging 10+ years later as a traumatized, depleted, and weirdly-immature adult, when I first fell for him as a character that would not have been the case. He's always been my favorite, but for a good three years there we didn't have much in common. Then I started seeing my Ex. *shudder*
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Well, today was the last day I'll ever have to be on the university campus. Finish grades next week and then, Khattam-Shud.

Feeling strange and reminiscent today. It's May 1st, Beltane, and god now that I look at the numbers it was exactly ten years ago today that I slept with my Ex for the first time. Waiting for Beltane was my idea. three weeks short of my eighteenth birthday his parents went out of town for a while, so we had a place - in my childhood in a house without doors, worth more than rubies. I got up early that morning and walked down to the creek and made myself a flower crown of myrtle and marsh marigolds; he kept it, dried, for a long time, but somewhere in all the moves it got lost. I wore a blue cotton dress that had been one of my favorites, and after that day I could never find it again.

Now that I think about it, I didn't tell anyone about what I was doing, the precedent already present. I couldn't talk to my mother and none of the other girls I knew were even dating, much less binding themselves close to someone the way I was. I went back in my archive here on this journal to see if I'd written about it, but it looks like I started on LiveJournal about three months after. I felt like a grown-up, not just fretting after it but feeling it, and I bet that's part of what made me start up posting in the first place. I felt like I'd finally arrived.

I did a three-card tarot read on Monday, and it was sort of big. Read more... )
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Lately I've been feeling the lure of the one-card tarot draw; until now, I've always worked from a six-card array, but the simplicity of the single card, not a pattern but an insight, is currently appealing to me. Last night I drew the Hanged Man ill-dignified, self-sacrifice and seeing strange; this evening I drew the Nine of Wands ill-dignified, which is a card my mother usually draws, a card about solar energy which for me is about the house I grew up in that was built to trap the sun, and upright it's about achievement but reversed it's bad faith, closed-down conversations, lack of initiative.

Had a fight with mom and dad last night; mama was taking out frustrations, and so was dad I think tho also quite intoxicated which makes him an asshole particularly to me. Patched things over with mom last night, sort of, and sent dad an email just now letting him know that I'm not cool with being his vent. Everyone's tired of me being depressed - as if I'm not.

Writing fic, a little - I'm trying something sort of ambitious for Yuletide this year, doing one of the stories I always wanted to write but didn't see enough audience to justify the effort, and it's nice to be back to spitting out words with some regularity. I dunno about how good those words are, but am not minding that right now.

I'm not really moving forward on academic stuff - still in a bit of a slump, too tangled up in unidentified emotion & baggage to deal with my document proper. I am working laterally, tho, exploring and digesting and regrouping; my project isn't off my mind. Am procrastinating marking papers; am sure I will lady up and get on with them sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Rewatching White Collar and Due South. Quite liking the new season of WC, looking forward to next week (El there behind Peter's shoulder, Neal speaking to them both - !). Also watching and enjoying the new series of Downton Abbey, shipping Mary/Branson all the way, and thinking that Edith's been looking tres chic, good for her poor dear, also god rich people really do have endless time to dramatize god damn.
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I love it when Long-Expected Party Day and the equinox coincide. So many happys to wish: happy Our Birthday, happy Mabon, happy end of (effing) summer.

eta: the book week meme, because synchronicity
It's international book week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

"They parted and Pippin hurried back toward the citadel."

The closest book because the newest; I picked up a new big paperback RotK at Goodwill this afternoon because first printing, special edition, September 1970 was just too cool to pass up.
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My tarot reading tonight told me that communication was key, that I was going on an important journey that meant a change of life as well as place, and that my future holds a favorable result for an examination undergone by a youth. Always nice to have an affirmation like that when studying for quals!
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Last week, my Victorianist reading group came to the happy realization that the Big Name Victorian Sages acronym out to CRAMP (Carlyle, Ruskin, Arnold, John Stuart Mill, Pater). Never has an acronym been more apt - lord can these men bloviate. I mean, I like Mill as much as the next girl, and Ruskin's stupidity can be sort of appallingly cute in an OH JOHN RINGO NO kind of way, but being in the middle of Arnold's Culture and Anarchy I feel quite solid in my opinion: go fuck yourself, sir. I'm reminded of Atrios' Wanker of the Decade entry on Will Saletan - the bleating superior pundit thing is the last holdout of the Victorian Sage, and they're every bit as appalling in present as in past.

Other links of interest:

[tumblr]The Silent Tarot: oooh, pretty!

[alternet]The Heroine With a Thousand Faces: the rise of the female savior: I'm not quite convinced by this use of Campbell - maybe better to jettison rather than transform - but points to an interesting trend.

[io9]even in this 1870s humans were obsessed with ridiculous photos of cats: Victorian cat macros!
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I owe some back-comments, but as I seem to be getting sick y'all just get linkspam today.

on #yestogayYA, [personal profile] via_ostiense, Just Buy More Books!: a timely critique of systems of capitalism & consumption that underlie this whole imbroglio

at [community profile] chromatics, Four artworks of Sekhmet: because awesome lion-goddesses = never not good

over at The Chronicle, an article on On Shame in Academic Writing

and a bloody fascinating piece on tarot-reading: The Querent
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I love Solstice. Maybe it's a function of a Northern Michigan childhood, I don't know - but somehow I always feel, Solstice morning, as if a tremendous weight has been lifted from me, as if I am free, as if I can fly.

And this year it coincides with my post-yuletide-uploading happy, so I'm all smiley. Seriously, you guys, do you all have any idea how wonderful you are? Today I'm amazed by fannish power and ingenuity: not only did we write all those bloody Yuletide stories - not to mention recording all of the podbangs! - but we built the sites that hold them. This year, Yuletide is on our own servers. And I'm just overwhelmed by how cool this entire enterprise is. Not only are the sisters doing it for themselves, they're also ridiculously smart, innovative, and artistic.
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five questions meme, from [personal profile] idlerat. Comment for five topics of your own - rat gave me: Lotesse (your name!), Tolkien, Jane Eyre, Spike!Elizabeth Bennett (your icon!), Oregano (your motto!)

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Read my tarot today. Every card was balanced and static, except for the Wheel of Fortune dignified in the Present position. This make me rather nervous - I don't feel like I'm up to determining the long-term pivot of my fortune wheel right now. But it's accurate, because that's certainly what I'm doing. Judgment reversed popped up in the Near Future position, and that's making me even more nervous. hate it when my cards tell me things like this. Because I know they're right, and that means I have to gird my loins and do hard work.

But first I'm going to go watch ANTM with A. and have fun for a while. I've been desperately tired today.
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I'm getting back on to several things, starting a new term--and no more Mercury retrograde, this time!

*organizing for a major icon-making session as soon as the school labs open up and I have access to Photoshop again. Spent ages this afternoon getting images sorted, texty bits selected, ect. Spring is sprung, and I need to retire my winter set.

*working on three stories right now. One is the Voyage of the Dawn Treader AU, which I will hopefully post bits of this week. The other two are Shakespeare fic. It's great--I can submit such things for publication, talk to my profs about them, and still play in the ways that fandom has taught me. The most developed one is a Tempest retelling, wherein Miranda and the dark-skinned Caliban are in love, and Prospero can't decide if he's more freaked out by Miranda's sexuality or Caliban's race. But my Plato issues and my daddy issues have both demanded to be included, and education and storytelling and also witchcraft and motherlessness and the sea. And then I want to do a dreamy disconnected coda to Twelfth Night full of polymorphous perversity, because if any play cries out for such treatment, it's Night. They never leave Illyria, people. There's still in Greenworld, and anything can happen there.

*reading Paradise Lost. One of my teachers has been bitching the student body out for years now for not having read it before we tackle the Romantics, so she's sitting us down and reading it with us. I'm looking forward to it; I want to read the poem, and it will really help to have someone to make me when I start to feel like slacking off.

*I want to be better about my tarot, to read it at least one a week. I do better when I work tarot. It gives me both time to meditate and a forced awareness of what's going on both within and without me. I let myself off this last term, and I think it's maybe part of the reason why my brain got so scrambled.

On another note, watching first season Buffy this afternoon and "Pack"? So totally has Ash, Dr. Badass himself, as the computer geek who can't kill Buffy when the demon gets in the internet. Little baby Ash! No mullet yet, but oh my god the characters are so totally the same person hello.

Sam Winchester is the prettiest man in the world in "Roadkill". It's the hair; it was perfect. Yummy.

high day

22 Mar 2006 01:47 pm
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Good Ostara, world.

It's falling auspiciously for me this year--on the first day of the new term. Ostara, iffn ye don't know, is one of the old Celtic sabbats that corresponds with the equinox. It marks the time of new beginnings, community, communication, acting on winter intentions, fertility, and abudance.

It very much dovetails with what I need to do right now. I had decided this winter that, once again, I was going to try to come out of my shell. I get very shy about belonging, and it doesn't help that I keep being the new kid. I hide away in my academic work and don't participate in the community. And I do want to change that. So, this high day is going to be a big one.

Living as far north as I do, I can't really observe Spring until Beltaine. There's still snow on the ground, and nothin will grow for some time. But there is change in the air, and so I mark Ostara. My fertility/abundance associations are with Beltaine, because only then are they seasonable. But I've got Ostara herbs to carry this day, and tonight I'll do a burning. And something new is going to start.

Herbs and flowers for the high day: daffodil, violet, olvie, gorse, peony, iris, broom, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender, lily, sage, willow, lotus, aloe, nutmeg, tansy, marjoram, lovage, lemonbalm, dogwood, orris, oak, elder, meadowsweet, acorn, vervain.

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