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Lately I've been feeling the lure of the one-card tarot draw; until now, I've always worked from a six-card array, but the simplicity of the single card, not a pattern but an insight, is currently appealing to me. Last night I drew the Hanged Man ill-dignified, self-sacrifice and seeing strange; this evening I drew the Nine of Wands ill-dignified, which is a card my mother usually draws, a card about solar energy which for me is about the house I grew up in that was built to trap the sun, and upright it's about achievement but reversed it's bad faith, closed-down conversations, lack of initiative.

Had a fight with mom and dad last night; mama was taking out frustrations, and so was dad I think tho also quite intoxicated which makes him an asshole particularly to me. Patched things over with mom last night, sort of, and sent dad an email just now letting him know that I'm not cool with being his vent. Everyone's tired of me being depressed - as if I'm not.

Writing fic, a little - I'm trying something sort of ambitious for Yuletide this year, doing one of the stories I always wanted to write but didn't see enough audience to justify the effort, and it's nice to be back to spitting out words with some regularity. I dunno about how good those words are, but am not minding that right now.

I'm not really moving forward on academic stuff - still in a bit of a slump, too tangled up in unidentified emotion & baggage to deal with my document proper. I am working laterally, tho, exploring and digesting and regrouping; my project isn't off my mind. Am procrastinating marking papers; am sure I will lady up and get on with them sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Rewatching White Collar and Due South. Quite liking the new season of WC, looking forward to next week (El there behind Peter's shoulder, Neal speaking to them both - !). Also watching and enjoying the new series of Downton Abbey, shipping Mary/Branson all the way, and thinking that Edith's been looking tres chic, good for her poor dear, also god rich people really do have endless time to dramatize god damn.
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Had a Jonah day today - dreadful dreams last night, including one of my ex. It's strange; I never dreamed about him once in all the years we were together, and in truth rarely dream of anyone except my parents and sister (visitation dreams from Grandfather and Great-Grandmother don't count). So that was a bad beginning, and then to make it worser my happy day of idyllic outdoor play with my animals was disrupted. The county is cutting down a number of trees along our drive that were getting too close to powerlines, so there were men and chainsaws and noise all day. Which distressed the animals, but also me - I imprinted hard enough on Tolkien that any "felling of good trees" gets me right upset.

The bright spot in my day was Downton Abbey 4.02, about which more behind the cut, for spoilers. )
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Because that is a thing I do sometimes!

Avatar: The Last Airbender s1-s3, Legend of Korra s1 )

Dragons: Riders of Berk eps 1-4 )

Downton Abbey 3.01 )
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A dozen Downton Abbey icons with text from diverse Mother Goose rhymes:

Read more... )
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So I just did the easiest cut-your-own-hair trick EVER - comb the whole mess into a ponytail at the exact top of your head, pull the ponytail forward, cut a straight line across, and it comes out a decent layered look. Mine doesn't look any worse than it did before! - but it probably helps that it's long, curly, and looks best in a sort of messy mermaid style.

A gorgeous warm day today, so I went out with a trash bag and did some picking up after a winter's worth of undergrads. I got to be out of doors and the yard and walk are much prettier and nicer to be in now, so everyone wins.

I sent off a couple of conference proposals last night that I'd been fretting over for weeks - one I might likely get, the other's an incredibly far stretch but the panel topic was so close to issues I've been researching this year, I couldn't not. Am anxious about the entire thing, but also so much lighter now they're gone.

Links to other cool things around the internet:

an older xkcd, found tripping on random, but I grinned so hard over Sagan-man that I want to memorialize the moment. Carl Sagan, you will always be a superhero in my heart!

originally in Harper's, via adamantine, Quitting the Paint Factory: "trouble - the kind that might threaten the symmetry of a well-ordered garden – needs time to take root. Take away the time, therefore, and you choke off the problem before it begins. Obedience reigns, the plow stays in the furrow; things proceed as they must. Which raises an uncomfortable question: Could the Church of Work – which today has Americans aspir­ing to sleep deprivation the way they once aspired to a personal knowledge of God – be, at base, an anti-democratic force?"

from Vulture, Why it doesn't matter that the second season of Downton Abbey was mediocre: "On Downton, there are no sociopath mobsters you care about despite yourself, or adulterous, lying ladies' men you are attracted to, or admirable but murderous drug dealers, or increasingly psychotic and pathetic chemistry teachers, or any other sort of semi-good but maybe really bad person with deep-seated psychological issues. It is about lovely people with lovable flaws who are trying to do the best they can most of the time."

(I am not entirely sure I agree with this entirely - it papers over the issue that those lovely people are also pretty much Oppressive Overlords, in the same way the show does, and I think that pulling apart Downton's loveliness from its nascent feudalism is an important part of enjoying it. Also I liked the second series better, for all its soapiness, so there.)
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Heard a great lecture from Suzanne Keen today - I think I need to my by own copy of her book Empathy and the Novel.

my answers to the ten-questions meme from this weekend, each comprising a nice little babble: Fullmetal Alchemist, SG-1, the Aubreyad, The Dark is Rising, Prydain, Eight Cousins, Star Wars, Downton Abbey, and Westmark.

I am sitting here morbidly avoiding the tab in which I have opened today's Mark Reads - it's the Choices of Master Samwise today, and I can't take this chapter, I can't, just thinking of it makes me start tearing up, I couldn't read this chapter aloud to my little sister when we were kids because it made me cry so hard. I love it so, it's the most beautiful thing that's ever happened to me. And I have the tab open and I keep, like, accidentally switching to it and then covering it up again really quick.


Oh, hell. Now I am crying. God, Samwise, Samwise, Samwise. Further inarticulate muttering and general weeping & gnashing of teeth will continue until morale improves.
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meme, snagged from [personal profile] astridv:

Name a fandom you know (that you think I know too!) and I'll tell you

1. The first character I first fell in love with
2. The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
3. The character everyone else loves that I don’t
4. The character I love that everyone else hates
5. The character I used to love but don’t any longer
6. The character I would totally smooch
7. The character I’d want to be like
8. The character I’d slap
9. A pairing that I love
10. A pairing that I despise

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