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At my sibling's poking I'm trying to pick up SGA - but having exactly the problem that I knew I would, which is that I keep peering around McKay and Shepard for Jack and Daniel. This is why I really wish sequels that centered on new characters would at least skip a generation, so that I wouldn't keep getting distracted by how frustrating it must be for Daniel to not go to Atlantis, what do you mean Daine and Numair got oops pregnant and shotgun married, hey no wait what happened to Aang and Sokka and Toph and why are they dead, et cetera et cetera. I just have a really hard time attaching to new characters when previous BSOs keep popping up to draw my eye. so anyway now I'm looping back to SG1 S1. Someday, maybe, I might make it all the way through "Rising" without getting distracted by the JacknDannyness of it all, but today is not that day.

links of interest: this completely terrifying case where a judge chastised a pregnant woman for absconding with her male partner's fetus; my word of the day, misogynoir, coined by the Crunk Feminist Collective.
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Because that is a thing I do sometimes!

Avatar: The Last Airbender s1-s3, Legend of Korra s1 )

Dragons: Riders of Berk eps 1-4 )

Downton Abbey 3.01 )

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