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Hi; here are some vids.

title: hades & persephone
fandom: Labyrinth
music: Anais Mitchell
length: 3:21
summary: Sarah/Jareth mytharc
download: 60.06 mb at sendspace
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title: Bedtime Stories
fandom: due South
music: Madonna
length: 3:22
summary: Fraser-centric, multipairing-with-RayK-endgame, sex/sexuality is hard when you're a perfectionist control freak from the frozen North.
download: 55.45 mb at sendspace
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title: 57821
fandom: Battlestar Galactica 1978
music: Janelle Monae
length: 3:17
summary: show overview vid, Apollo-centric
download: 57.63 mb at sendspace
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title: what's in the brain that ink may character
fandom: multi
music: Hildegard von Bingen and Richard Souther
length: 3:46
summary: imagination visualized
download: 72.49 mb at sendspace
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I made both of these vids a good while ago, when I was still in the heat of my first fling with vidding - and then didn't post them when my sense of shame got the better of me for a bit, and I had some struggle with putting up work. Yuletide's got me nerved back up again rn, though, as have some lovely comments I've gotten on Star Wars vids since TFA dropped, and I'm going to see if I can manage to put out some of my backlog. So - have some retro cutie Harrison Ford & company.

title: Maneater
fandom: Raiders of the Lost Ark
music: Dessa
length: 3:20
summary: Marion Ravenwood character study, Indy/Marion pairing; Marion Ravenwood is a bossed up bitch with teeth and hunger and a past
download: 26.38 mb from Sendspace, 60.86 mb from Sendspace
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title: Real Love
fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
music: The Beatles feat. posthumous John Lennon
length: 3:47
summary: shipping all the legs of the triad - Luke/Leia, Han/Luke, Han/Leia, OT3-ing it
download: 30.83 mb at Sendspace, 61.29 mb at Sendspace
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Clipping for vids results in odd juxtapositions; I do it without listening to the film, just letting one of my (many) (massive) iTunes playlists spool out as I go. Clipping The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe tonight, had two really fun bits of synchronization: Regina Spektor's "Open" over the alt-Crucifixion scene, and then, less dramatically but more lolariously, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" cuing up to the big dramz final battle scene, Jadis hitting the chorus.

(Yes I should be going to bed earlier, but I'm on a late-night schedule right now and have no hard incentive to change that, and anyway I don't like going to bed, I've never liked going to bed. You can't make me. Screw "early to bed and early to rise.")
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title: A long time ago in a galaxy
fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
music: Ingrid Michaelson
length: 2:31
summary: making movies, making magic: a loveletter to all the wonderful dedicated creative artists who came together to make the original Star Wars trilogy a thing of beauty and joy forever
download: 49.69 MB at Sendspace, 20.93 MB at Sendspace
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May the fourth be with you!
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I am trying to get back to being able to do things with words, but right now pretty pictures and music are easier. This vid is one part anti-violence fussing, two parts rampant overidentification with an overserious and solitary protagonist, and one part glee in a source canon that makes Gerard Manley Hopkins poems so delightfully relevant. Also, it's kind of weird that they cast Paul Gross' wife as Fraser's mother. Just sayin.

title: To a young child
fandom: due South
music: Natalie Merchant
length: 3:07
summary: Áh! ás the heart grows older/ It will come to such sights colder/ By and by
download: 51.4 MB at Sendspace, 33.6 MB at Sendspace
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I didn't entirely mean to make three of these - I started with a remaster of the Luke-centric vid that was the first thing I ever made, and that only got uploaded behind lock, but then there was all this footage that I wanted to use and I love the visuals of the OT almost as much as I love the characterization and then I realized that I could do a trilogy to Regina Spektor songs. So that is what I did. I'm listing these in the order that I made them, because they kind of served as a vidding journeyman project - although I'd still really appreciate concrit and vidding tips!

the one where being everyone's messiah is actually kind of rubbish:
title: human of the year
fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
music: Regina Spektor
length: 4:07
summary: {Luke character study} hello, hello, calling a Luke Skywalker to the front of the cathedral, you have won
download: 61.95 MB at Sendspace, 30.71 MB at Sendspace
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the one where Leia Organa is more badass than you
title: all the rowboats
fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
music: Regina Spektor
length: 3:07
summary: {Leia character study} see them hanging in their gold frames for forever and a day
download: 64.70 MB at Sendspace, 25.96 MB at Sendspace
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the one where Han Solo is a total softy
title: firewood
fandom: Star Wars Original Trilogy
music: Regina Spektor
length: 3:16
summary: {Han character study} everyone knows you're going to stay, so you might as well start trying
download: 52.10 MB at Sendspace, 26.80 MB at Sendspace

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or, er, the first one I like enough to release into public circulation!

title: Eve, or, the Life and Times of Lyra Belaqua
fandom: The Golden Compass
music: Mercury Rev, Lincoln's Eyes
length: 3:58
summary: Here grows the Cure of all, this Fruit Divine, Fair to the Eye, inviting to the Taste, Of vertue to make wise: what hinders then To reach, and feed at once both Bodie and Mind? So saying, her rash hand in evil hour Forth reaching to the Fruit, she pluck'd, she eat

63.66 MB at sendspace
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So as mentioned with great flail, I made a vid this weekend. SO MUCH FUN. At least, thanks to [personal profile] thingswithwings's tutorials on MPEG Streamclip, without which I would have torn out a lot more of my hair.

I'm still working on figuring iMovie out - what I really want it to do is to show me a graphical representation of the audio track so that I can visually cut to the beat instead of just listening over and over. I have a feeling that doing by eye is likely cleaner and more precise. I can get to something that looks right by going into the precision editing setup, but then I can't get ANYTHING to work at all.

I was really surprised by how much the footage changed - and not for the better! - as I worked with it. I ended up clipping to .mov files, since that seems to be what iMovie likes to eat, and maybe it was that. But, well, I was working with the Star Wars OT and I was stubborn and used the .avis I have of the original/non-Special Edition footage, which has only been released in pretty low quality. So I lost a LOT of pretty on this one. In some cases compression made shots almost illegible, which I could correct for by over-exposing them - but that makes them look greyed out in a way that makes me sad. So I'll remake/remaster this before I let it out into the larger interwebs but higher-quality base footage, but I wanted to post it here first because I'm just so EXCITED about it and I want to share, but also because I'm genuinely looking for concrit/suggestions. It's been a while since I picked up a fandom-style DIY project, and I want to get this one right! So any remarks, comments, pointers, or suggestions would be more than welcome, especially since I get a do-over.

Without further ado, let me present Baby's First (Stab At) A Fanvid:

Human of the Year
Star Wars Original Trilogy
Regina Spektor, "Human of the Year"
Luke character study
49.7 MB at Sendspace
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Y'ALL I AM MAKING A VID & IT'S A STAR WARS OT VID AND THIS IS SO COOL I FEEL LIKE SUCH A BOSS. I HAVE CONQUERED THIS TECHNOLOGY. well, that is, I'm doing okay right now. I'm sure it will all blow up in like five minutes. But I still feel really boss - I love new skill sets, even if I'm just dinking in iMovie at this point. YAY FANNISH TECH SKILLS YAY DIY YAY!
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I've been seeing amv recs popping up around my rlist, so I thought I'd offer up a few Studio Ghibli vids on recommedation:

Fix You, Howl's Moving Castle. Howl/Sophie, soft and tentative and delicate and sweet. A pretty vid, with long slow cuts that nevertheless carry momentum.

That's Where You'll Find Me, Howl's Moving Castle. A long vid, clocking in at four minutes, meaty and satisfying. Builds to a fairly intense climax.

Tranquil Voices, Laputa. Pretty much one of my favorite vids ever, anime or live action. It has this kind of - soaring feeling to it.

Love Burns Brighter, Laputa. Sheeta/Pazu. Totally awesome.

Dreams Take Flight, Laputa. This is a lighter vid, more pop, more sparkly. It's my go-to "I have stuff to get done and I need to power up" vid. Great cheerful energy, with a candy center.

Rainy Season, Spirited Away. An introspective hero-vid for Chihiro. I wish the end didn't pull the "it was all a dream" cop-out, but the first 3/4th of the vid are so wonderfully evocative that I still think it's worth it.

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