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the thing that gets me about the way Pullman has it all end up in His Dark Materials - more than the muting of Lyra, the generic alterna-afterlife stuff, the gratuitous heterosexuality – the thing that really gets at me is the narrative insistence on children's obedience. imo that's a hard conservative value, and gives the lie to Pullman's self-positioning as a humanist alternative to Christian fantasists, C.S. Lewis in particular. Read more... )
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or, er, the first one I like enough to release into public circulation!

title: Eve, or, the Life and Times of Lyra Belaqua
fandom: The Golden Compass
music: Mercury Rev, Lincoln's Eyes
length: 3:58
summary: Here grows the Cure of all, this Fruit Divine, Fair to the Eye, inviting to the Taste, Of vertue to make wise: what hinders then To reach, and feed at once both Bodie and Mind? So saying, her rash hand in evil hour Forth reaching to the Fruit, she pluck'd, she eat

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Since the reveal has gone live, here are my Yuletide stories:

we have laced the world together The Wren books by Sherwood Smith. Wren/Tess/Connor/Tyron, 9216 words. Teen. Did you say that Wren was coming? Tyron asked sleepily, Connor's arm draped heavy over his hip. We'll probably meet her along the way, Tess told him. And then we'll all be together again, for a while.

why press a seal on running water Spirited Away, Chihiro/Haku, 755 words, non-explicit. While she'd been Sen, living in the Yuya, she'd never had to look for Haku; he'd always just been there, whether she wanted him or no. But now she wanted him, and she didn't know where to look.

That is where she ought to live, with bears, not with men His Dark Materials, Lyra and Iorek, 759 words, non-explicit. She stood darkly golden against the permafrost, taller and more world-weary than she'd been when he'd last seen her. Wrapping her into the rough embrace of his fur, he breathed in her heady wild scent, atavistically satisfied by her returned presence.

Put to Sleep My Mother's Curse Arthurian Mythology, Gaheris/Mordred, 1026 words. Mature. Mordred could bind Gaheris to him, capture his brother in cords of silk and steel and knotted rope, in bonds of loyalty and kinship and love.

In total, I wrote 45,883 words of fic this year, with 11 stories in 10 fandoms. the rest of the year in review: Stargate, Vanity Fair, Merlin, Lord of the Rings, Dollhouse, and Futurama )

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