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Internets, bless me, for I have gafiated. It has been three weeks since my last update. I needed to disconnect for a little bit after the holiday, but now I'mma try to hook back in.

Which means that I never got round to posting my 2012 fic roundup, or linking to my yuletide fic. So here's that:

for Yuletide, I wrote:
Other creatures that have eyes (4090 words) by lotesse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Boomer/Athena, Apollo/Starbuck
Characters: Boomer, Lieutenant Athena, Dietra, Captain Apollo, Lieutenant Starbuck, Commander Adama, Colonel Tigh

Boomer didn't often see the stars this way, although he flew among them daily; in a Viper space was segmented by tylinium plates and dark duralumin bars, broken into panes like oldfashioned glass windows.

I had a fun writing year, if a bit stop-and-go. (I'm not going to do a link list here, because I think the AO3 has started to obviate that convention; it's no longer hard to find an author's recent output listed chronologically!) I wrote in a megafandom for the first time since forever, and had awesome fun with the Avengers. That was awesome, I should write some more of that sometime. I think I'm most happy with Alive in your blood now, which said some things about the Vorkosigan saga and family and honor and progressive politics that are really important to me. Final fic stats: 11 stories, 33,552 words.

I also learned how to podfic, and am working on the vidding thing, so yay for new skillsets!

Goals for this next year: to finish and post some of the really large quantities of Prydain and original Star Wars words that have been accumulating on my hard drive.
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Yuletide reveal & yearly fic roundup, 2011 edition!

For yuletide, I wrote:

Entreat me with your loveliest lie
Vorkosigan Saga, Gregor/Miles ust with bonus Simon and Aral
longing, betrayal, abandonment, and body & disability issues
summary: Count Vordroza never says the word “mutant” when he talks about Miles.
1669 words, general

and, as treats,

All the way from China
Leonard Cohen - Suzanne, Female Narrator/Jesus/Suzanne
bookmaking, babies, and memories, bittersweet
summary: She doesn't know what Suzanne has done, if she's still there, if she's changed, grown old, died, forgotten.
357 words, general

Come away, come away
Peter Pan, Peter/Wendy contemporary university AU
recreational drug use, impaired consent, and anarchy
summary: They left Wendy's familiar haunts, went to where bright fluorescent lights shimmered through the gathering dark, and vendors sold curry and meat pies and falafel on the curbs, and climbed up to a third-story flat on a dingy ill-lit street. The door was painted sky blue, and huge cumulonimbus clouds surrounded the knob. "Welcome to Neverland," Peter said, not using a key, just opening the door.
3075 words, mature

And for the rest of the year: Star Wars OT, Firefly, Prydain )

By the numbers: 7 stories, 6 fandoms, 34,500 words. \o/
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Yuletide first!

heat entering each pearl, Rebecca, Rebecca/Mrs. Danvers, rated M. When I first became her personal maid, I thought of Rebecca as my absolute opposite: delicate where I was hard, as rose-mouthed and sensuous as I was pale and papery. 1,828 words

and for Yuletide Madness:

Finds but riddling shrift, Tortall, George/Alanna plus Numair, rated G. George finds Arram Draper juggling in the snow. 1,236 words

Dancing through this fiery-blossom'd revel, Nußknacker und Mausekönig, Clara/Nutcracker, rated T. Before, he'd been courtly and kindly and sweet, and she had been quite entirely in love with him – after all, wasn't it her vow of tenderness that had freed him from his curse? But he hadn't been human. He'd been a fairytale prince, his every movement filled with a stiff, precise, formal grace. 1,106 words

and for the rest of the year, 10 stories in 8 fandoms: Ivanhoe, The Dark is Rising, Merlin, Tortall, Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, and Stargate SG1 )

total wordcount for the year: 31,152 words. Not bad, considering the year!
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Since the reveal has gone live, here are my Yuletide stories:

we have laced the world together The Wren books by Sherwood Smith. Wren/Tess/Connor/Tyron, 9216 words. Teen. Did you say that Wren was coming? Tyron asked sleepily, Connor's arm draped heavy over his hip. We'll probably meet her along the way, Tess told him. And then we'll all be together again, for a while.

why press a seal on running water Spirited Away, Chihiro/Haku, 755 words, non-explicit. While she'd been Sen, living in the Yuya, she'd never had to look for Haku; he'd always just been there, whether she wanted him or no. But now she wanted him, and she didn't know where to look.

That is where she ought to live, with bears, not with men His Dark Materials, Lyra and Iorek, 759 words, non-explicit. She stood darkly golden against the permafrost, taller and more world-weary than she'd been when he'd last seen her. Wrapping her into the rough embrace of his fur, he breathed in her heady wild scent, atavistically satisfied by her returned presence.

Put to Sleep My Mother's Curse Arthurian Mythology, Gaheris/Mordred, 1026 words. Mature. Mordred could bind Gaheris to him, capture his brother in cords of silk and steel and knotted rope, in bonds of loyalty and kinship and love.

In total, I wrote 45,883 words of fic this year, with 11 stories in 10 fandoms. the rest of the year in review: Stargate, Vanity Fair, Merlin, Lord of the Rings, Dollhouse, and Futurama )
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This year, I wrote ten stories in nine fandoms, for a total wordcount of 18,569. No less than five of them (eep!) were written for Yuletide; I might have had a bit of a go on Christmas Eve with the stocking stuffers. Um.

Yuletide stories first:

Wearing the Sod Gown
Castle in the Sky. gen & Sheeta/Pazu, g, 4,753 words. Sheeta wears Pazu's patched castoffs and Dola's fancy lendings, braiding her short hair down against the wind.

Jorinde and Joringel
The Brothers Grimm. Jacob/Wilhelm, pg, 845 words. "You said witches liked to kidnap and enchant girls. And yet, this one only seemed to want to enchant you."

A Room With a View. Charlotte/Eleanor, pg-13, 868 words. Misses Lavish and Bartlett play at costumes and seductions amidst the flowers of Italy.

celestial alphabets
His Dark Materials. Serafina Pekkala and Mary Malone, g, 453 words. We are the symbols around the rim, Serafina told Mary. We are the angelic scripts, the celestial alphabets.

Halfway Through the Woods
Into the Woods. Gen, g, 676 words. The Baker tried to be in love with Cinderella, for a while.

and the rest of them, for Punditslash, Prydain, House, and Supernatural )

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