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five icons, to be blathered about below!

keyword: Sheeta/Pazu

Laputa! My favorite Miyazaki film, largely due to this scene. I love this moment, when Pazu touches her but isn't quite holding her yet - it's this little soapbubble of not-quite-yet, because as soon as her crystal releases her into his arms, he's lost to her completely. The text is from Pablo Neruda, and is possibly the most romantic sentiment I've ever heard: "let me remember you as you were before you existed." I use this one for Miyazaki stuff, innocence, romance, and potentiality.

keyword: p&p

This was a silly - watching the Pride & Prejudice with my partner, as one does, and making snide Buffy references at it. Big swelling music, panoramic landscapes, period frocks = Spike, apparently. Somehow it turned into an icon, idek, these things happen. Possibly the most random thing I've ever made?

This is from a set I made a while back, when I really started to become dissatisfied with the films as visual reference points to Lord of the Rings, and for the hobbit characters in particular (no one's the proper age! they're all too skinny! seriously, this ickle teenager is supposed to be Frodo Baggins?). Frodo/Merry is my secondary hobbitfic otp - I have this thing for the eleven years of Frodo's life we know so little about, when he was Merry's fostersibling and playmate. And Frodo's Brandybuck lineage doesn't get enough play! I'm really pleased with how the layout on this turned out, restrained and balanced and playful without losing a certain sense of formality.

keyword: virginia

Virginia Woolf is one of my three Patron Saints. The other two are Tolkien and Charlotte Brontë - Tolkien teaches me compassion and patience and plainness and love, Charlotte helps me connect to my reserves of anger and determination to change my life and my times - but I call on Virginia for aesthetics and politics, and being in pursuit of a higher degree I tend to call on her a lot nowadays. Talismans of all three pop up in my living spaces, and this is one of them. I think that Virginia Woolf was one of the most heartbreakingly lovely women I've ever seen - that curl at the nape of her neck, oh god! The photomanipulation with the embroidered flowers in the background was a sort of visual loveletter to her. I thought, when I uploaded this icon, that I would use it for feminist stuff, but I never seem to. It's queerly romantic rather than stridently political - for the latter, I go to Mary Wollstonecraft!

keyword: sherlock

Unf. Sherlock and his violin. This is, like, half the appeal of the fandom for me, and I haz a sad over how many media adaptations dodge or avoid or halfass the violin. The late nineteenth century produced some of the most marvelous violin music I know - Mendelssohn, Grieg, Dvorak. It's all so hopelessly overfull, oversexed, mad with feeling and beauty - and the idea of Sherlock Holmes of all men hooking into that makes me just about faint with happy. This tends to be my grumpy Victorianist Holmes icon, deployed resentfully against bloody modernized adaptations that blow right by all my pretty history in ways that I Do Not Appreciate. (point of interest: in my keywords, "holmes" means Holmes09, "sherlock" the Granada series. which is actually rather strange - don't know what I could have been thinking.)

Give me a yo if you want to do the meme, and I'll give you five icons to talk about!
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I've been seeing amv recs popping up around my rlist, so I thought I'd offer up a few Studio Ghibli vids on recommedation:

Fix You, Howl's Moving Castle. Howl/Sophie, soft and tentative and delicate and sweet. A pretty vid, with long slow cuts that nevertheless carry momentum.

That's Where You'll Find Me, Howl's Moving Castle. A long vid, clocking in at four minutes, meaty and satisfying. Builds to a fairly intense climax.

Tranquil Voices, Laputa. Pretty much one of my favorite vids ever, anime or live action. It has this kind of - soaring feeling to it.

Love Burns Brighter, Laputa. Sheeta/Pazu. Totally awesome.

Dreams Take Flight, Laputa. This is a lighter vid, more pop, more sparkly. It's my go-to "I have stuff to get done and I need to power up" vid. Great cheerful energy, with a candy center.

Rainy Season, Spirited Away. An introspective hero-vid for Chihiro. I wish the end didn't pull the "it was all a dream" cop-out, but the first 3/4th of the vid are so wonderfully evocative that I still think it's worth it.
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Since the reveal has gone live, here are my Yuletide stories:

we have laced the world together The Wren books by Sherwood Smith. Wren/Tess/Connor/Tyron, 9216 words. Teen. Did you say that Wren was coming? Tyron asked sleepily, Connor's arm draped heavy over his hip. We'll probably meet her along the way, Tess told him. And then we'll all be together again, for a while.

why press a seal on running water Spirited Away, Chihiro/Haku, 755 words, non-explicit. While she'd been Sen, living in the Yuya, she'd never had to look for Haku; he'd always just been there, whether she wanted him or no. But now she wanted him, and she didn't know where to look.

That is where she ought to live, with bears, not with men His Dark Materials, Lyra and Iorek, 759 words, non-explicit. She stood darkly golden against the permafrost, taller and more world-weary than she'd been when he'd last seen her. Wrapping her into the rough embrace of his fur, he breathed in her heady wild scent, atavistically satisfied by her returned presence.

Put to Sleep My Mother's Curse Arthurian Mythology, Gaheris/Mordred, 1026 words. Mature. Mordred could bind Gaheris to him, capture his brother in cords of silk and steel and knotted rope, in bonds of loyalty and kinship and love.

In total, I wrote 45,883 words of fic this year, with 11 stories in 10 fandoms. the rest of the year in review: Stargate, Vanity Fair, Merlin, Lord of the Rings, Dollhouse, and Futurama )
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Because I love the girls and women in my fandoms, and think they're awesome.

spring on horseback like a lady )
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This year, I wrote ten stories in nine fandoms, for a total wordcount of 18,569. No less than five of them (eep!) were written for Yuletide; I might have had a bit of a go on Christmas Eve with the stocking stuffers. Um.

Yuletide stories first:

Wearing the Sod Gown
Castle in the Sky. gen & Sheeta/Pazu, g, 4,753 words. Sheeta wears Pazu's patched castoffs and Dola's fancy lendings, braiding her short hair down against the wind.

Jorinde and Joringel
The Brothers Grimm. Jacob/Wilhelm, pg, 845 words. "You said witches liked to kidnap and enchant girls. And yet, this one only seemed to want to enchant you."

A Room With a View. Charlotte/Eleanor, pg-13, 868 words. Misses Lavish and Bartlett play at costumes and seductions amidst the flowers of Italy.

celestial alphabets
His Dark Materials. Serafina Pekkala and Mary Malone, g, 453 words. We are the symbols around the rim, Serafina told Mary. We are the angelic scripts, the celestial alphabets.

Halfway Through the Woods
Into the Woods. Gen, g, 676 words. The Baker tried to be in love with Cinderella, for a while.

and the rest of them, for Punditslash, Prydain, House, and Supernatural )
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I think that part of what I love so very much about Miyazaki films is that they use symphonic music the way I remember it from going to concerts as a child. Ordinary movies use symphonic scores, but they're always kind of John Williams-esque. They work in their own particular way. They're meant to underscore, not to lead.

Miyazaki could almost be using classical symphonic compositions unrelated to his films as scores. The instrumentation is free and unconventional and empowered. It really does make me feel like I'm back home, going to symphony concerts with my father, and telling myself stories about the music. The instruments matter just as much as the vocal performances do - sometimes even more.

Also, I love Miyazaki's tendency to draw big, capable women with massive bustlines. It makes me all happy inside.

As it's rainy and I'm going to be alone all night, and as I don't have any classes tomorrow, I'm going to mainline Miyazaki, and then maybe watch Fullmetal Alchemist. Safe warm lovely things, with pretty music. It took me a few years, after I moved out, for me to realize how much I needed orchestral music. As a kid, it was always playing around me, and so I played my own stuff. Without daddy to provide the Bach and Copeland, I have to remember to play those things myself. They make me so awfully happy.
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Last night I finally--finally!--read How's Moving Castle, which I've been trying to do all summer, ever since I first saw the movie. Which, oddly enough, is better than the book. All the pasts that made me gasp and hurt and cry were Miyazaki's additions. Not that the book isn't lovely, because it is. But the moment when Howl pulls back the curtain and sees that Sophie is the girl he met in Market Chipping under a curse, and then just lets the curtain fall again...I love Miyazaki so much. So much. And Howl is the best thing he's ever done. He makes small beautiful quiet things that break my heart with too much feeling.

The market at Chippingford is the place where Puzzle and Shift go in The Last Battle. There was a book that I read as a little girl that explained how "chipping" is an elision of "cheaping," and refers to haggling.

The names that Virginia Woolf uses in Room of One's Own--"Here then was I (call me Mary Beton, Mary Seton, Mary Carmichael or by any name you please—it is not a matter of any importance"--come from and old Scottish ballad about Mary Hamilton, who was hanged for bearing and then killing the King of Scotland's baby. And it makes me terribly, terribly happy that Virginia Woolf quotes old ballads, because I love them so, and her as well, and the two really do go together perfectly. "The Four Marys" is one of the songs that Joan Baez sang.
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Just got back to school after a long, weird, and at times wonderful holiday. And here was this lovely waiting for me:

Goro Miyazaki, son of Hayao Miyazaki and co-member of Studio Ghibli, is directing an animated Earthsea movie. Oh. My. God. Miyazaki. Earthsea. If anyone can do it, it's him. I would so love to see a good production of these books, but it would have to be perfect. One misstep and the story would be torn to bits. Here's hoping. Eek.

more info: http://www.nausicaa.net/miyazaki/earthsea/

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