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Also? Academic jargonese parodies of House are always good antidotes to ontological despair. Have a funny: Little Professor in the House
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Anything you guys think I really need to pick up?
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Fictional boyfriends that I would so totally actually date:

-Sam Gamgee - devoted, steady, and hardworking, with a bonus respect for academic work
-Simon Tam - really, really smart, with guts, wits, and the ability to persist (plus you know he's gotta be whiz with anatomy)
-Gilbert Blythe
-Daniel Jackson - I know his girls have a tendency to end up with snakes in their heads, but he's so worth the risk. Smart, sweet, and the linguist thing really turns my crank.
-James Wilson - he's just so, so, so decent!

Fictional boyfriends that I should never, never even so much as contemplate dating:

-Angel - I'd end up slapping the broodyness irl, plus Angelus eep!
-Edward Elric - just a few too many mommy issues, kthx
-Jim Kirk - I don't think I could ever actually go with a military type. Am peacenik.
-Sirius Black - it's never a good idea to take home the pretty, unstable, sparky ones
-Luke Skywalker - he's just a little bit more suicidal and messed up than I like my men in person
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I keep not bothering to write anything about House.

spoilers for House, 'Joy to the World' )

and blabbing about the season thus far )
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House 5.04 love )
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on House thus far - spoilers )
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So I have a final book list for my Gender & Spec Fic course:

Ursula K. LeGuin, The Dispossessed
Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower
Marge Piercy, Woman at the Edge of Time
Starhawk, The Fifth Sacred Thing
Tamora Pierce, In The Hand of the Goddess
Ursula K. LeGuin, Tehanu
Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad
Angela Carter, The Bloody Chamber

Plus stories/essays by Johanna Russ, Kameron Hurley, Carol Clover, Gilbert & Gubar, and a showing of Firefly, plus a handful of blog entries to keep us modern/edgy. O yeah.

Started watching Farscape last night, from the beginning. Man, this show is weird. But then again, Claudia Black is hot like fire.

Is it bad that I'm more excited for House Season Five than I am for Supernatural Four? It's just that House is in this great shiny place with all these possibilities, and Supernatural is stuck in this plotline that I really don't like. All the tropes and relationships and arcs that I really liked have faded away - I want Sammy to keep being the emo little brother with troubling mindpowers, and Dean to keep being the rebellious child-parent with daddy issues who figures his own self-worth through his brother. and the show keeps taking them farther and farther from that.
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I'm home, my cats are so damn adorable it's pretty much ridiculous, I'm getting started on some serious prep for my teaching work this fall. Jezebel featured a conversation on Flowers in the Attic today, which was awesome.

And I have fic, which I could have posted two weeks ago but I always feel weirdly detached from things while I'm away. It probably deserves better than a Friday afternoon, but I've been sitting on it for so long that I'm too twitchy not to post it now. A new fandom, and everything. My House binge last month was to intense for it to not result in fic eventually.

Title: From The River Dark
Pairing: House/Wilson
2,348 words, rated pg

A belated post-ep for 97 Seconds. House sticks knives in wall sockets and loves Wilson – naturally, there has to be fallout.

And he cut my lip/ And he cut my heart/ So I could not drink/ From the river dark )
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Real Life Update: living in a good house (with air conditioning!), raking in the dough waitressing (I walked with $150 tonight, not half bad for five hours' work on a Wednesday). I'm within very easy biking distance from the beach, and I've already been in several times. I missed my big water like crazy. Tomorrow I'm going to the bookshop for a complete works of Carl Sandburg. Right now I'm reading Dorothy Dunnett's Lymond Chronicles, which are very fun and Scottish.

The boy and I have also been mainlining House MD - two seasons in as many weeks. So I've been muchly with the reading of the House/Wilson. I have kind of a Robert Sean Leonard thing - after he's played the theater geek in Dead Poets' Society and starred in my favorite filmed Shakespeare to date, ie Much Ado About Nothing, how can I not have a thing for the guy? It's the pretty hair, in combination with the lovely mouth. Hugh Laurie is obviously god, so I don't feel bad for neglecting his pretty blue eyes for Wilson's mouth. He'll get over it.

If anyone has any House/Wilson that I absolutely must read, be pleased to let me know. This is the best part of picking up new fandoms - the honeymoon stage, where you get to dive down through years worth of brilliant fannish work.

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