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stg i just bout had an orgasm when jon stewart took the desk on the late show - come baaaaaack, jon, i need you in my life, you are my only one, light of my life, desire of my loins, hope of my heart

huggn on stephen is a good thing too. and whatever yall were doing with the under-the-desk gags, that can stay

i miss them so much
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am excessively proud of having called the significant of Stephen Colbert's goatee a solid fifteen minutes before he mentioned Iron Man.
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I am SO happy to have Jon Stewart back at The Daily Show - I know Colbert's the New Sexy and Oliver's the New Kid On The Block, but I'm still Jon's girl at heart. Well-meaning exasperated nebbishes with big brains and strong ethical codes get me every time. I mean, I'm not saying that if Jessica Williams staged a takeover I wouldn't be down with that, but I find Jon pleasing on a really fundamental level.

I adore TDS when I don't like tv news and I don't like tv comedy and it's because watching Jon and Stephen go is like watching rhetorical martial arts; it's not the content that makes you go ooh, it's the strength of the argumentative strategy. Or at least it is for me, idk, I like rhetoric.
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courtesy of our random Saturday-night archival Daily Show viewing:

A segment from June 1999 in which Stephen Colbert randomly drags Jon Stewart into a soap opera scene, tragical gazes, soft lighting, dramatic pauses, and all. And then accuses him of being his father.

I'm not sure if I'm more charmed by Jon's "acting" or by Stephen's pretty big eyes. They're so unspeakably adorable.

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