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y'all, Chiana and Kenzi totally need to hang out and be paranatural trickster bffs with boss fashion sense.

(Farscape is wack, yo. excellent, but wack. I think that without an educated understanding of the relationship between sex, power, and pain, watching it might feel awfully strange. it's still pretty strange - but I like it like that)

(also tho, is it just me or is this season of Lost Girl also kind of strange and upsetting? I'm not sure how I feel about it. I keep getting distracted by the way that flashback!Bo, on the train, is costumed in a way that does nothing to conceal Anna Silk's pregnancy - don't get me wrong, she's gorg, but I keep getting cues for a secret/supernatural amnesic/dubcon pregnancy narrative and I don't think there is one? idk I miss the time the Kappas had a kappa. Kenzi/Hale, while hot hot hot, just isn't the same. Tho - how great would that plotline be done up YA-style in Kenzi's pov - street urchin discovers world of the fae, has lady succubus bff, romances the hotass young king of faerie. I'd read it.)
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Y'all are fired. Not only has the new season of Lost Girl been up and running for like two weeks now without me knowing about it, but 4.01 involves Kenzi doing a three-way tango - literally, not sexually - with Hale and Dyson?! And Ksenia Solo turning out to have maaaad dance skillz and looking like some kind of throwback flapper sex goddess and being tres Cyd Charisse? The only thing I love more than LG is mad ballroom dancing skills. I am the pleased.

(also saw Catching Fire last night, and found it kind of triggering tbh - oppression + defeatism = not something I can really cope with all that well. I was at a little local volunteer-run theater with lots of smallish kids in the audience, and I spent a lot of the movie fretting about whether they were okay, and if their parents had really known what they were in for in terms of bleak grimdark violence and unresolved trauma; I'm not usually one for backseat parenting, but The Hunger Games this was not.)

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I have all this fic that, like, almost ready to post. But I can't seem to actually get anything finished. Bah.

have some Lost Girl 2.04 babbling instead )
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Aaand break. The only thing I've got to do for the next week and a half is teach one class on Friday - and I think I'mma just make them workshop. Or, that would be all if I didn't have term papers. Not that I need to write them all now, but I probably will, because I'm neurotic and control-freaky like that.

I watched a thing!

Lost Girl 1.09 )
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So, over the weekend we watched the first four episodes of "Lost Girl." And I'm in love. Kenzie! She's like if Gabrielle and Cordelia mated, and then went goth. And Bo! who is seriously mindblowingly hot. Her skin is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

(the awesome f/f/m threesome in 1.04 didn't hurt things either.)

In my classic mid-semester fashion, I've also decided that I need to read novels. I'm working my way through Sarah Monette's Doctrine of Labyrinths, and I like it well enough I spose, and I will have longer thinkier thoughts when I'm not so ruddy sleepy. Not sure when that will be - the encroaching autumn dark + rain + the aforementioned mid-semester thing is keeping me pretty wooly-pated.

I'm loving all this fantasy narrative, tho - I'd got to missing it, I think, with all the shiny spaceships and gothicosity I've been doing this last year. But fae and wizards are pretty much always going to do it for me.

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