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some links, mostly about gender violence, abuse, and affective labor/exhaustion:

this comment on Jezebel about gaslighting was helpful for me in figuring out why I've found the UCSB murders and the conversations in their aftermath so profoundly triggering

Re-imagining Disclosure as a Collective Act of Listening over at thefeministwire: "this formulation is that the burden of social change is placed upon those least empowered to intervene in the conditions of their oppression. The figure of the subaltern, or the survivor, gaining voice captures our political imaginary, shifting the focus away from the labor that might be demanded of those in positions of power to learn to listen to subaltern inscriptions—those modes of expression that are often interpreted as ‘silence.'"

Abuse as DDoS at Model View Culture: "DDoS attacks are so difficult to deal with largely because of their distributed nature. Even if the individual attacks aren’t particularly powerful, deal with one and dozens more will sprout up like some terrible mythical creature. Systemic abuse in the tech industry is also like this. Even seemingly minor acts of misconduct become a problem because they don’t happen in isolation."

also from the same issue of Model View Culture, The Fantasy and the Abuse of the Manipulable User: "Social media’s social-reinforcement mechanisms are also far more powerful. The “network effects” that make fledgeling social media sites less useful than already-dominant platforms also serve to lock existing users in. It’s difficult to practically set boundaries against existing social media products which have historically served one and one’s friends. People’s natural desire to be in contact with their loved ones becomes a form of social coercion that keeps them on platforms they’d rather depart. This coercion is picked up on and amplified by the platforms themselves - when someone I know tried to delete his Facebook account, it tried to guilt him out of it by showing him a picture of his mother and asking him if he really wanted to make it harder to stay in touch with her."

The Empathy Trap at Hook and Eye: "I mean really, what responses are left when faced with someone you ostensibly respect who hasn't found a place in the system? You tell them they matter. The work they do matters. You tell them that it stinks that they don't have stable work and that it is unfair. And probably it is unfair, but there you are, face-to-face, at a stalemate. If you're jobbed and you care then you're inevitably in a position of empathy. You are in a position of relative privilege. If you're not jobbed and you care, then you're in the position of needing to tell the caring person you're ok. You'll manage. Because honestly, it is the system, it isn't them. This, friends, is the empathy trap. It is a real thing and we are all, one way or another bound up in it, be we jobbed, not jobbed, or somewhere in between."
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guys, my iMovie is freaking out, and my google-fu isn't leading me to helpful answers. I just cleaned out my FontBook - I tend to collect pretty free fonts, and as of last week I had over 800 installed. Some of the fonts I deleted were fonts I had previously used in vidding. Now, when I open the "Show Fonts" display panel, it's cut in half, displaying three fonts, four colors, and three sizes, instead of the complete range; when I go to the Preferences menu and attempt to open Fonts, I get a white square and have to quit the program. I've restarted the iMovie project, the program, and my computer, and still no joy. Any ideas?
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Y'all I am posting this from my new kindle fire my parents got me a kindle for my birthday and now I will never be parted from the Internet again it and I will be one at last!!!1!
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... but I just bought and installed it, because I'm doing this very strange* editing job for the summer, and I needed access to "Track Changes." Okay, fine, it's just for this one job, I'll keep using OpenOffice for my own fiction/nonfiction/teaching, because I like open-source and because I can't stand all the damn pictures in Word 2007. Pictograms, not actually clearer than words!

As soon as I install and open the damn thing, most of the documents I have open in OpenOffice proceed to freak the fuck out. The type has gone all squishy and illegible - except for documents written in Garamond, i.e. all of my teaching stuff. I have not yet established if they'll go back to normal when I close the Devil Program. Meanwhile, if anyone has tips that will allow me to keep the program without it infesting my machine - it turned itself into the default application with which to open text files! all by itself! I don't want it to do that! - I'd be v. appreciative.

*kind of a "you know you're from Northern Michigan when" gig - my graphic designer mama and editor auntie are working on a locally-written self-published cookbook for dressing, prepping, and serving stuff you've hunted down and shot. Auntie got too busy, so I get the editing of the thing. At least, unlike the pair of them, I eat meat; they're both vegetarians. I now know way more than I ever wanted to about skinning deer and, I quote, "boning out shoulders." Ugh.
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I'm slowly digging around through this new computer, restoring things to my preferred configurations - and I had this great thing going on my old laptop that added both Fanlore and the AO3 to the drop-down list of possible search engines in the search bar on Firefox, but I can't figure out now how I made it do that. Any ideas?

(Also, this machine seemingly did not come with Garamond? idek. I had to go find the .ttf file in the Boy's PC and email it to myself - I cannot live without Garamond, fr srs.)
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I'm going slightly mad.

I am also typing this from my brand-new MacBook Pro - its name is apollonia, and no, it's not capitalized, it's too postmodern for that. On the one hand, yay sexy new computerosity! On the other, I had not actually planned on getting a new laptop, but mine died a sad and fizzy death over Thanksgiving weekend, just in time for exams! It is still in the shop, getting the data dug out of it. So I'll only have partial functionality until then, but it's still better than working out of the undergraduate computer labs.

So anyway. It's not like I have papers to write or anything.
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My daddy just sent me love money in the mail - which turned out to be a very good thing, because my laptop power cable committed rather spectacular suicide this morning. Hello goodbye, money!
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I'm in the middle of a computer nightmare. The little cat likes to sleep on it, and somehow he managed to drag the folder that holds all of my current work and also my academic archives for the past three years into the trash, which I then unknowlingly emptied. I should have checked it, I know, but I never delete anything important. I'm a total packrat - I don't think I've ever deleted a word document. I just get rid of dl'ed stuff, old pictures that I didn't want to make into icons anyway, stuff like that.

I think I should be able to get the files back. I didn't Secure Empty Trash, which means that the file locations were deleted but they themselves are still ghosting around on my drive. As long as I don't overwrite them with new data, they should be retrievable. As soon as I realized what had happened, I had hysterics and closed it up. I can't do anything till Monday, and I'm just going to Not Touch It until then.

I feel like a total wreck. All my work.
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I can has a new laptop!!!

It's a 13 inch MacBook Pro, which is two more inches of machine than I'm used to. I feel sort of guilty for abandoning my previous baby after killing it dead - I have this weird tendency to anthropomorphize my digitalia. But I used the MindMeld feature, which very cooly moved my entire system from one computer to the other over a FireWire in about two hours, complete with my old desktop photo and all my applications and playlists and folders and things, so I'm pretending that it's the same computer, just in a new house. I have given it the same new, to reflect this.

It has Photobooth! Which is the coolest toy ever, and I have been using for the last hour in lieu of a scanner, so that I can make icons out of the woodcuts at the beginning of the chapters of LeGuin novels.

Live internet is such a comfort.

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