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If Donald Trump's weird campaign song is, in fact, the work of the person responsible for Rebecca Black's "Friday," Milly's excellent 2011 Club Vivid Brazil vid set to the aforementioned becomes even more fantastically layered and hilarious
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I just watched the first half of Brazil again. Shit. Why do I do these things to myself? Now I'm all wound and twitchy. It's the oscillation between the horrible claustrophobia dystopia and those wonderful dreamy flying scenes - the flying stuff opens me up all the way, strips all of my protective cynicism off, engages my heart fully, and then the crash back into dystopia just destroys me.

No fair, Terry Gilliam. You can do horrible dystopias, but it's not fair to throw in yearning violins and silver wings.

I saw Brazil for the first time as a really little kid - maybe eight or nine? - and those flying sequences haunted me for years. It's funny. The more I teach, the more amazed and somewhat ambivalent I am about how my parents handled that sort of thing with me. Because I feel such pressure to be gentle and safe with my college students, to protect them as they try to begin to deal with reality in all of its messiness, and my mom and dad just threw me into it. Here, little girl, watch Brazil. Watch Mononoke-hime. Read Brave New World. And Lord of the Flies. And The Once and Future King. And, you know, just deal with it. I grew up feeling like I wasn't allowed to not look - I didn't want to, but I felt some sort of weird deep responsibility to see all the messy. And now I'm not sure if I'm coddling my students too much, or if I was thrust into things a bit too far, too fast. Likely both things are true.
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Apparently JKR wants Terry Gilliam to direct the next HP movie? Eh, I dunno. It would be awesome, but I'd actually sort of rather Gilliam go off and do his own brilliant thing without being weighed down by horrid books like HBP. Better a new Baron Munchausen than a better-than-average HP movie. But kudos to JK for having good taste for once.
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I'm baaack!

Well, sort of. I won't be able to get my computer hooked up to the damned network for another week, but I will have fairly easy computorial access.

So. I transferred to a different college, for a number of reasons, mainly a certain amount of done-ness with reading old white dead asshat men. Up yours, Aristotle. So I'm now a nestled in at Knox College in Galesburg, IL, and I hear the trains coming through every night. I'm taking three courses this trimester: "The Fairy tale," "Adv. Acting: Shakespeare and Beyond," and "Philosophies of Feminism."

And, of course, as in any time when I don't have internet access, the world is falling apart. Katrina is bringing out previously unimagined (at least by me) nastiness and eugenics talk. the President is being an utter asshat. An 18-year-old kid is being charged with saving 100 people with a school bus that--gasp!--didn't belong to him. Rehnquist is fucking dead. Dear go, s there anything that is currently going right?!?

I didn't expect this to be politically timely, but I watched 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' again. )

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