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this is the downside of northern Michigan weather: late last night, when it had been raining all day and the snow was fully melted off, I looked at the registered Ferguson protest rallies downstate and thought, yes I too will go, I'm more together than I was last month, I can pull that. buuuut then it snowed half a foot overnight, and it's still coming down this morning. and it gets dark early here, which - snow accumulation on unfrozen ground, on the highway, in the dark, for 2-3 hrs, all by myself and keyed up as fuck.

so there's that borked. note to self: access to organized political events might be one good reason to move to Detroit next year, instead of heading further into the woods. posting this to acknowledge to myself that no, I will not be haring off to Grand Rapids later tonight, so I may as well try to relax into an analysis groove instead.
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the MSNBC stream of Ferguson, MO tonight is really fucking intense; they run a split screen of the president's address and the reaction happening on the ground, young people acting out hurt and betrayal, police lines and vehicles and weapons, and then tear gas all over the place, and over it all the president's voice almost sometimes daring to approach the truth before haring off again on respectability politics tangents. Some of the juxtapositions might have been fucking engineered for maximum irony.

1. we're living in a fucking dystopia, 2. I am so done, so infinitely done, with the democrat establishment. so done.
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bob mccullough is a lying sack of shit. his words are acts of civil violence.
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The lake-effect snow is here with a vengeance: near a foot on the ground already, seven more inches predicted today, snow predicted solid for the rest of the week. It's excellent. Mum says that everyone in town is out trying to buy snow tires this morning, having been taken rather by surprise. I am enjoying the benefits of living in a wee little village where you can walk to the grocery and the curry joint - though what I do seem to lack are boots at all. Dunno where mine went after the move.
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courtesy of a lovely nonnie at ffa: a whole comment full of links about how Malcolm Gladwell is a mendacious douchebag. I had to teach one of his books as part of an adult continuing ed program one time, and I have never felt so ashamed in all my life as I did presenting that tripe to a roomful of my elders as if it had value. I was on-script, so there wasn't much I could do, but it itched.
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current mood: Ben Fraser in the snowfield in "The Call of the Wild." It's been snowing all morning, the most wonderful thick clumpy heavy snow, and my face is ttly broken.
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I give less of a shit about yesterday's election than I ever have. I don't even feel particularly down about the results today, even though they're pretty ugh.

tbh I'm pretty sure it's a result of Democrat establishment silence on Ferguson/StL. I've always been a progressive, not a Democrat, but their failure to step up really hammered in the wedge.
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Goodness, I'm being forcibly reminded of why northern Michigan Halloween was such a yearly torment for me as a child - it's freezing! Literally - a gale wind, and sleet.

I always wanted to be a fairy or whatever, but mama quite rightly insisted that costumes had to be designed around potential to incorporate snowsuits.
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I get to work on Sor Juana this week yay! I saw her name in the files list, but was sure the assignment would have already gone out to someone. God she's the best. So excite.

Can any of y'all recommend resources for a Japanese ESL student dealing with college-level intro to composition coursework? My daddy goes soaring with a Japanese girl who's doing the aviation program at the local community college, and I guess she broke down on him last Sunday out at the airfield, overstressed and undersupported, so we're trying to help her out. I had her bring her materials to a meeting yesterday and sat with her for a bit; it looks to me like the main problem she's having is that she's having to deal so slowly and carefully with the language-comprehension stuff that she's not able to keep her thoughts clear, or cut through bullshit. There's also an awful lot of bullshit - I took the course she's in, long time passing, and it's comp-through-analysis-of-American-stereotypes, pretty much, and she neither knows nor really needs to know those stereotypes - but she does have to get through this class and the one after it in the comp sequence. I suggested audiobooks when possible, told her to stop writing in GoogleDocs and get herself a darn word processor with a spellchecker, but I was wondering if those of you who are trained for ESL education, or who have specific experiences with a Japanese/American situation, would know of anything more directly relevant to her needs.
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Dearest darlingest yuleingest goat (my dear santa),

thank you for writing a story for me! I have no doubts whatsoever that I will love the pants off of whatever you write :)

I'mma talk about canons first and then get to general reading preferences.

Frankenstein )

The Fall )

Vorkosigan Saga )

Smoke Signals )

general info about what I like to read )
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via [personal profile] thady, this fantastic essay on early Britney Spears: “So if 'manufactured' is unfair, what is the right metaphor for Britney’s relationship to the pop machine? Scanning the pop culture of the late 90s gives us a better possibility: mecha, the Japanese anime genre where beautiful, tragic youth fuse themselves to sublime, state of the art machines. Britney is not the machine’s puppet; she’s its pilot.”
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two questions about the Vorkosigan Saga:

1. how does swearing someone work in terms of the armsmans' score/Vorloupulous' law? When Miles swears Arde and Baz in - when Mark swears Elena - do those count as additions to the number of Vorkosigan Armsmen? Because neither boy acts as though a slot needs to be open before a swearing can happen, on penalty of high treason. Is there a textual explanation, or is it a crack in the narrative?

2. Why, when Bujold so obviously understands why aspects of Miles' courtship of Ekaterin are really borderline in terms of acceptable behavior, does she choose to have the story go down that way? There are all of these words about how Ekaterin needs some time, some confidence, some space - Bujold clearly does get it, at some level. Does she just not care? Why was it necessary for her to write the story about Miles pushing Ekaterin's consent and disrespecting her boundaries and still getting her to marry him in the end?

It would have been really cool if it had gone the other way, actually been a healthy and functional romance all the time, instead of just some of the time.
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from foz meadows, Hypocrisy, Race and Literary Gentrification: "The archetype of the straight white male literary author is so culturally ingrained at this point that it can, at times, serve to obscure the very tangible prejudices underlying the reasons for its primacy: that, now as historically, in genre as in culture, the dominance of straight, white and/or Western men in a given sphere, coupled with a corresponding lack of representation from other groups, is not a fucking coincidence."

from Phenderson Djèlí Clark, Spears, Sorcery and Double Consciousness: "I’m consciously aware that I am indulging in the long-held diaspora tradition of “re-imagining” Africa. And I do so for my own distinct purposes, tied into those conflicting feelings of belonging and alienation that typify the Du Boisian double-consciousness."

from the MoCADA Museum, Revolutionary Hope: A Conversation Between James Baldwin and Audre Lorde: "Deep, deep, deep down I know that dream was never mine. And I wept and I cried and I fought and I stormed, but I just knew it. I was Black. I was female. And I was out – out – by any construct wherever the power lay. So if I had to claw myself insane, if I lived I was going to have to do it alone. Nobody was dreaming about me. Nobody was even studying me except as something to wipe out."
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Sleepy Hollow 1.03 - yeah okay I'm good for a difficult intense relationship between a pair of Black sisters dealing with institutionalization and epistemic violence. Ichabod's heart-eyes over Abbie are also v. touching. Not sure how I feel about Show's evident relationship to American Independence history - on the one hand the textual protestations about diversity, good relations with Natives, ect, on the other hand the fundamental rootedness in the combined mythologies of the Book of Revelations and the Founding Fathers that have been formational to U.S. neoconservative movements and iconography. Ichabod says very nice things about the Mowhawk nation, but I'm not sure the historical Mowhawks would have recognized his version of Washington history.
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the thing that gets me about the way Pullman has it all end up in His Dark Materials - more than the muting of Lyra, the generic alterna-afterlife stuff, the gratuitous heterosexuality – the thing that really gets at me is the narrative insistence on children's obedience. imo that's a hard conservative value, and gives the lie to Pullman's self-positioning as a humanist alternative to Christian fantasists, C.S. Lewis in particular. Read more... )
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The new Leonard Cohen album is everything. It's like, as the years wear him away, he just gets closer and closer to divinity.

streaming link
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Based on adorable stuff with Nicole Beharie on tumblr, I'm attempting to watch Sleepy Hollow. I didn't realize it was an Orci and Kurtzman production - not a good sign that. Am halfway through the pilot and being driven UP A WALL by the soundscape - terrible scoring, and they've used the same fake-ass "metal gate opening" sound clip three times in fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, competent Black characters interacting competently.

... rargh bad soundscapes are the woooooooorst
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Wow reading post-TS-by-BS Sentinel fic is a really different experience once you've started and abandoned a dissertation and an academic career. Damn.
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so I'm kind of freaked about it, but I want to try and go down to Ferguson, MO for the mass mobilization in early October. I've felt so upset and so powerless this last month and a half, and I really want something to DO, some way to be heard. But I've also never done anything like this, and I've been feeling really mentally unwell for a good while now, and I'll admit the idea of going in to the scenes we've seen there scares me to bits. But the powerlessness def. isn't helping with the feeling mentally unwell, and I feel like, if folk don't keep the noise up on this one, justice en't coming. I'm reaching out to rl people, both here and at various academic institutions, to see if anyone wants to ride with me; my undergrad is only about three hrs drive from Ferguson, so something might come of that.

Do y'all have any advice, or experiences that you think would be good for me to hear about? How do I take action and still care for myself?

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