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Hallo, fellow yuletider! Thank you for writing me a story!

I like emotionally intense reading experiences, family stories, passion, complexity, stories about good problem-solving and communication skills that nevertheless don't save you from life's complications, and stories about people trying. I'll give fandom-specific wants/dnws beneath; I don't have broad squicks to speak of, but some canons work for me in different ways than other ones do. I tend to gravitate to happy-ending stories, but I also enjoy fiction that is elegant, ironic, gothicized, or kinky in its cruelty.

specific fandom/request deets:

Hamilton, Hamilton/Washington )
Earthsea, a story about Tenar's life as a young woman on Gont )
Sleepy Hollow, Ichabbie competence shipping )
Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Cimorene/Mendanbar reunionating )
Madeleine L'Engle - Kairos Series, Meg and Calvin when their family was young )
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Sleepy Hollow 1.03 - yeah okay I'm good for a difficult intense relationship between a pair of Black sisters dealing with institutionalization and epistemic violence. Ichabod's heart-eyes over Abbie are also v. touching. Not sure how I feel about Show's evident relationship to American Independence history - on the one hand the textual protestations about diversity, good relations with Natives, ect, on the other hand the fundamental rootedness in the combined mythologies of the Book of Revelations and the Founding Fathers that have been formational to U.S. neoconservative movements and iconography. Ichabod says very nice things about the Mowhawk nation, but I'm not sure the historical Mowhawks would have recognized his version of Washington history.
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Based on adorable stuff with Nicole Beharie on tumblr, I'm attempting to watch Sleepy Hollow. I didn't realize it was an Orci and Kurtzman production - not a good sign that. Am halfway through the pilot and being driven UP A WALL by the soundscape - terrible scoring, and they've used the same fake-ass "metal gate opening" sound clip three times in fifteen minutes.

On the other hand, competent Black characters interacting competently.

... rargh bad soundscapes are the woooooooorst

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