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Man, each time I read Ben Carson's "as a teenager, I would go after people with rocks, and bricks, and baseball bats, and hammers" line, it comes out more and more like a Python sketch. "The Pirhana Brothers Take the Presidency."

"Vince: After that I used to go round his flat every Sunday lunchtime to apologize and we'd shake hands and then he'd nail my head to the floor.

Interviewer: Every Sunday?

Vince: Yeah but he was very reasonable. Once, one Sunday, when my parents were coming round for tea I asked him if he'd mind very much not nailing my head to the floor that week and he agreed and just screwed my pelvis to a cake stand."
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made whilst watching "Python" when I should, in fact, be asleep.

Not only does the "aliens turning people into scotsmen" sketch begin with what is very nearly the exact text as the first Harry Potter book--perfectly normal people, wouldn't think that anything odd or unusual would ever happen to them--one of the main characters is named Harold Potter.

Yes, indeed, Harold Potter. You all know what this means--clearly all of the Potterverse is merely scammed off of "Monty Python"!

No, but really, what a peculiar coincidence. I completely love every part of it.

Am now having very silly visions of Draco Malfoy or --Christ!-- Snape, suddenly walking off into the sunset bekilted and with one arm upraised to the sound of bagpipes. Should probably sleep more.

Also, I just realized that I get six whole icons! Yay more icon space!

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