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I was thinking, this morning, as one does, about romantic teleology and Charlotte Brontë. (which as I'm writing about Love's Labour's Lost this week is actually rather odd, but I habitually think about Charlotte, so.) Read more... )
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Hooooly hannah y'all I was NOT prepared for Farscape 3.16, wow wow wow, I thought I was trippin' earlier this evening.

(I suspect I'm going to end up staying up late tonight; there's an awful lot of partyish noise outside, perhaps some sort of sporting event? What DID we do before Netflix Watch Instant? Actually, scratch that, I remember life before Netflix Watch Instant; I watched all of BtVS and AtS on Netflix delivery DVDs, rationed out in little 4-episode-a-week mini-binges. NOT fun.)

eta: "I don't wanta be like other people. I don't wanta be like you. I don't wanta stoop that low. Kirk wouldn't stoop that low." What the HELLL show you just HIT ME WITH THAT KIND OF SWEET ISH with no warning or nothing? Like. That's even better than Lois McMaster Bujold's continued "City on the Edge of Forever" ref, "I love you" and "let me help."

God, I love science fiction.
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Partway through the third season I'm still really enjoying Farscape; I appreciate the way it keeps bending my brain around in weird ways. But watching it is also kind of like playing Crazy Chicken. While I'd picked up the analysis from fannish osmosis of John Crichton as raped, I wasn't prepared AT ALL for the degree to which the show/Ben Browder are dedicated to the depiction of the cracks in his psyche. This is a show about madness - and while at the moment I find that topic deeply compelling I have to admit that there have been moments when I've had to tap out. I couldn't handle the clone arc, just couldn't handle it. I feel so on edge, watching, because I worry that they're going to crack his sanity like an egg at any moment.

And then there are the bits like "Look at the Princess" and "Liars, Guns, and Money," which are just altogether delightful and delicious and delovely and man I love SF multiparters. I'm really into John/Aeryn as a ship, no surprise there. I already knew that I was in love with Claudia Black because duh who isn't, but Gigi Edgly is charming the pants off of me, and I also am really digging on John&Chiana as a platonic bffs deal.

I bopped over into Pushing Daisies because I did kind of need a break from the psychological intensity of Farscape. I'd seen half of the first episode of the second season at home with my parents, and we'd backbuttoned out because it was clear we'd missed too much context by not starting from the beginning. I am PRIMED for Lee Pace; his movie The Fall has been occupying a lot of my psychic real estate since I saw it a few years back, and I just his face. However I did not anticipate the degree or speed with/to which I am DEAD GONE on Ned the Piemaker, who I lust after with more fervor than I've experienced in rather a while. Despite the whimsical charms of lonely tourist Charlotte Charles I ttly ship Ned/Olive; Cheno is da bomb and I cannot resist her squawky little voice. My sib and I spent a lot of hours listening to Jim Dale read the Harry Potter books, so I also pick up a lot of snuggly comfort from his narration.

Aren't media texts with narrators cool? I was trying to list other ones in my head last night and could only come up with Sally Potter's Orlando and Stranger Than Fiction, though I guess you could also say that most of Baz Lurhmann's films and, like, Singin in the Rain are also essentially narrated, just through a variety of schticks rather than an Eliotian interpretive voice from on high.
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y'all, Chiana and Kenzi totally need to hang out and be paranatural trickster bffs with boss fashion sense.

(Farscape is wack, yo. excellent, but wack. I think that without an educated understanding of the relationship between sex, power, and pain, watching it might feel awfully strange. it's still pretty strange - but I like it like that)

(also tho, is it just me or is this season of Lost Girl also kind of strange and upsetting? I'm not sure how I feel about it. I keep getting distracted by the way that flashback!Bo, on the train, is costumed in a way that does nothing to conceal Anna Silk's pregnancy - don't get me wrong, she's gorg, but I keep getting cues for a secret/supernatural amnesic/dubcon pregnancy narrative and I don't think there is one? idk I miss the time the Kappas had a kappa. Kenzi/Hale, while hot hot hot, just isn't the same. Tho - how great would that plotline be done up YA-style in Kenzi's pov - street urchin discovers world of the fae, has lady succubus bff, romances the hotass young king of faerie. I'd read it.)
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Watching Farscape pretty much for the first time - I'd seen the first few eps, but the Ex didn't like it and I didn't press. Up to 1.16. I like this show. Very loyalty kink. Much nonnormative. Fun to play in an English-language SF verse that isn't British/American too!

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