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Been thinking about "specialness"/supernaturality in romantic geekstuff. This was actually sparked off by my attempts to explain Twilight to my boyfriend - I ended up talking about the fantasy of the supernatural lover/fantasy objects who sweeps off the ordinary girl with whom we all identify. He asked it the gendering ever went the other way around. I've been making lists! Pairings which involve in some way falling in love with the "other," sorted by gender:

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I'm sticking to het, specifically because I'm interested in the gendered implications of "otherness" within heterosexual genre romance narratives. From what I can tell - and I guess I'm pretty much reading from a female-oriented mindset here in terms of fantasy and identification - "special" guy pairings seem like they play into a much more predatory, dom/sub kind of thing, and the attraction is located in the idea of being wanted by someone so different and wonderful and strange. “Special” girl pairings are more about a conflation between women as other in patriarchy and women as literally different “other.”

Anything you want to add to the lists? Anything I missed? Implications?
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Meta's been converging on my brain lately. This was jumpstarted by the conversation over at [livejournal.com profile] cathexys' place here, but there are bits of both the conversations on gayness/sexualization and critical/celebratory vidding that are going on in fandom floating around in my brain.

One of the things I really want to figure out, both in my fannish life and in any academic career I may ever have, is how to negotiate the nonsexual pleasures of text. Read more... )
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I had a thought!

Or rather, [livejournal.com profile] rubynye had a thought here, and I liked it and am stealing it. So. The reason why I, as a twenty-one year old girl, like to read stories about young people's sexuality is that I was a teenager not too long ago, and in that time my sexuality was frankly much brighter than it is now. At thirteen it was all fannish and id-driven and had an odd sort of purity, and then at sixteen it was first love and firstyness all around. Things are more complex now - especially the iud nightmare I'm currently booked aboard - and I love revisiting those epiphanies and shivers.

Even going back to being eleven, when my neighbor and I were kind of maybe in love, and we played at resusitation in the pool as an excuse for poorly-executed kisses. My memories from that time are all sort of rosy and happy and breathless. I loved it then, and love recalling it now. Young characters are a vehicle for me to express and write down and preserve those emotions and experiences, or to theorize about the ones I didn't have but could've.

...now that I write it all out, it seems obvious, and I actually feel like I said almost everything in one of my very first posts on this eljay, Sex and Kiddie Lit, and I don't know why it took me so long to put things together.

Finally, a rec: [livejournal.com profile] musesfool's incredible, incredibly hot Miss Winchester's Unsuitable Suitor. Wincest genderswap Recency au, Dean as a highwayman, and inappropriate incestuous hijinks at a masquerade that Sammy attends as Artemis. Jesus god, is this fic hot, And satisfying... oh lord.

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