26 Jan 2006 11:27 am
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I was lying in bed obscenely early this morning, trying to go back to sleep with the aid of an audiorecording of Douglas Adam's posthumos "Salmon of Doubt." While listening to the part about the sub bug--for the uninitiated, Adams took a one-person sub bug that sort of puls you along underwater to Hayman Island, Australia to do a comparative test drive between it and a manta ray--I had the oddest thought. He was talking about how the island resort is a major destination for Japanese newlyweds on their honeymoon, and my brain started spinning out this extreme weirdness where Inuyasha and Kagome finally get together and go to Hayman Island and meet Douglas Adams.

If Inuyasha and Douglas Adams met in a bar, what on earth would they say? Would they go scuba-diving together? Would Inuyasha ride the sub bug? Would Kagome have read the Hitchhiker books?

My brain is weird when sick and sleepless.


21 Sep 2005 12:25 pm
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Batman Begins showing tonight--oh how I love seeing good movies for free! Also with ice cream. Except that everyone on campus appears to be sick except me, which makes me want to hide myself away in a nunnery and let no man see my face, lest he sneeze on me.

How did I never notice the screamingly funny bit in the second scene of the first act of "Twelfth Night"? The Captain is all like, "yknow, it's totally the lesser people who gossip about the great gossip gossip mcgossippants." Why do I miss good bits? Argh.

In other news, Inuyasha killed me last night. Guh.
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Confession: Loti has a new fandom. It makes her feel dorky and squeeful, sort of the way Ron/Hermione used to make her feel when she was fourteen. She wants long continuation fics (and porn) instead of short little tone-poems (and porn).

And it's her first-ever anime.

Inuyasha has totally taken her over.

Damn it, this is why I avoided anime to begin with! I pick up new fandoms to gosh-darn easily! But the Boy just *had* to have me watch adult swim with him.

It's wierd how differently i'm being fannish about it. I'd sort of settled down into heavy meta, textual deconstruction, and every so often a piece of brief, poetic pron. It's been so long since I wanted simple character analysis or continuation fics. But that's what this is making me want. And I totally love it, because it makes me feel so young and naive and silly and I like those feelings much much more than being jaded.

Bought the first two movies last week. Watched first one with the Boy. It made me cry so. fecking. hard.

But I've also felt really shy about it, irrationally so. At first, I didn't think it fit in with who I thought I was. But now that I look at it, I can see why Takahashi subtitled it "A Feudal Fairytale," and if there's anything that I'm a sucker for it's fairy tales.

That, and Inuyasha is fucking hot. With the ears. Guh.

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