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In 2003, it felt like I was screaming into a void: it was obvious, even to me at the time, and I was still in high school, that the Iraq war was bogus profiteering, but the "grown ups" at the NYT and in the world at large were infuriatingly resistant to seeing that reality. There was a hopelessness: nobody was listening.

Now, in 2017, 2 months after the inauguration of the Orange Man, people are starting to listen, and I am strangling on my own rage. I'd thought it would have felt vindicating -- but instead, I don't know how to speak civilly with people who are only now, when it is too late, becoming interested in looking toward the truth.

The absence of HRC from the conversation is a hole, a wound. Vladimir Putin attempted to destroy our republic because he was afraid of her, and wanted to punish her, and apparently enough of us shared those feelings that they were able to take her down.

Date: 23 Mar 2017 05:07 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] princessofgeeks
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Only 80,000 voters. That's who gave Trump the Electoral College victory. 80,000 voters in four states.


Date: 24 Mar 2017 03:34 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] starlady
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I felt those feels about 2002-03 SO HARD. And still do.

Date: 27 Mar 2017 03:18 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] msilverstar
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Yeah, W was such an asshole, sane in comparison but still dangerous as all hell. His and his coteries' obsession with Saddam Hussein got us involved in a *second* land war in Asia, not good. And us peacenicks never doubted that our military would dominate, as it did. No problem with winning the war, but his capitalist ideologues sent to rebuild the country lost the peace decisively.

I think Putin the KGB operative has always feared and hated the US, and took whatever route he could find.

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