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Dear Yuletide author,

'lo there! Thanks so much in advance for writing for me this year!

I don't have a whole lot of blanket dnws or squicks, because those things are almost always canon-dependent for me. The requests I'm making vary in tone from gen to xeno kink, so feel free to pick the place you're most comfortable! Most of these canons are pretty short: Battlestar Galactica 1978 is a 1-season show of 24 episode, The 10th Kingdom is a miniseries, and Chocolat and Indiana Jones are both movie fandoms.

If I've written more about some requests than others, it doesn't indicate preference at all - it's just that some things take more words to explain, you know?

I like political and feminist themes, authentic and rooted senses of place, women initiating and remaining in control of sexual encounters (though not necessarily always in a Domme-y way, complications are fun), and happy or at least hopeful endings.

If you want to find me other places on the net, you can look me up:
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BSG 78 (Apollo, Adama)

This one is a request for post-apocalyptic space-refugee-problems intense family father/son gen.

One of the things that the reboot did that I thought was interesting was the ongoing emphasis on the general entropy of the situation - and in the 78 verse, where they really can't go home again at all, that should be even more intense and pressing. In the pilot, Adama p. much takes direct and personal responsibility for the wellbeing of his people, all stranded out there in space - and it's clear from the get-go that Apollo is going to do basically the same thing, for the same reasons. And that's a lot of pressure for even a positive father/son relationship like theirs to sustain for any extended amount of time.

But the reason why BSG 78 will always be my baby is because it is so painfully sweet and earnest, traits that really set it apart from the reboot canon. So while I'm asking for a story about things in the rag-tag fugitive fleet falling apart and the Adamans struggling to hold it together, I also want the center of that strong relationship between them, and the strong center of their shared vision, to hold. In 78!verse, the power of good intentions really means something. Let things turn out all right in the end?

I anti-ship Apollo/Sheba, though I'm fond of Sheba as a character, and would prefer not to have it alluded to as a background pairing. I am consistently easy for Apollo whump and instances of generational repetition. Both the reboot and a lot of the fic for the classic show put the characters into a very military framework - which is warranted! - but I've always seen them as something like knights errant, bound by vows of fealty as much if not more than by military discipline.

(here's my BSG tag, if you wanna dig around)

The 10th Kingdom (Wolf, Virginia)

Hi I'd like some weird Wolf/Virginia sex stuff plz! Porn would be awesome, but an exploration of the tropes and themes of their sexual relationship in more g-rated language would also be awesome if you'd rather.

Femdom is a plus. Xeno/animal characteristics are a plus. Wolf going down on Virginia while she's menstruating is a plus. Post-canon real-world setting is preferable - I'm a lot more interested in Wolf in New York, which we don't see much of, than I am of Virginia in the 9 Kingdoms, which canon covers. But some degree of magical intrusion is ++good.

If you feel like taking a stab at channeling the unique tonal qualities of the show, with the ott whimsy and the weird adult sex stuff piled on top of each other, I would be into that. The Angela Carter register would also be jammy. Honestly, though, I don't know if I can handle the frequency of rhymed epithets that the writers have Wolf using, and u could tone that down if u wanted tooooo *whistles*

Some of the stuff in my fairy tale tag might be of interest; I did a thesis about animal brides a while back, which is almost but not really the same thing, and have ongoing research interests around fairy tales, female sexuality, the animal, and the grotesque.

Chocolat (Anouk, Vianne)

I adore Anouk, she's so sweet and sulky and lovely and new. I would love a look at her as an older teen or a young woman - how does she negotiate her own adult identity between the pressures of the world and her mother's unconventional example? I think she'd grow up to be quite different from Vianne in some ways, but would be like her in others. Maybe Anouk can't cook at all, wouldn't that be a twist! But her vivid imagination is so much like Vianne's, and they both have that unusual perceptiveness that verges on the magical - which you could push a bit tbh if you're into that.

(I'm really attached to the visual of the red cloak, fwiw.)

(I linked above to my fairy tales tag, which could also be relevant to this request if you want to go digging.)

Indiana Jones (Indy, Marion)

I want to see more of pre-canon university-era Indy/Marion, be it shippy or otherwise.

Indy/Marion is such a strange, awkward ship - in Raiders, they've reached that true-OTP level of MFEO-itude, but by all accounts the thing began badly. I think of them as being right for each other, but not yet ready for each other, if that makes sense.

-if shippy: this is a heavy age-diff/underage ship. It sounds like the whole thing was inflamed and torrid and more than a little illicit. I am here for alla that. Marion's life must have been pretty unusual at the time, if she was spending significant amounts of time with her dad's grad student. And, having been a grad student myself, I can attest to how disorienting and isolating it can be. Awkward seduction bits? Marion ill-advisedly trying to use Indy for sexual release or initiation? A genuine sense of connection that neither can figure out how to deal with? Sneaking around for sex, either on a dig site or on campus? Emotional incest complications in the group due to Indy's closeness with Abner Ravenwood?

-if you're uncomfortable with underage, or are more interested in writing gen: show me that genuine sense of connection, and how it operates. Two isolated young people who find one another's minds and company attractive. What does Marion learn in her life amongst all these scholars, either in terms of mythology/anthropology or in terms of adult masculinity?

My personal fave type of age-diff ship is the one where a gifted/isolated girl is sexually initiated by a gentle, educated older male lover who adores but does not entirely understand her; see Buffy/Giles for an example of the vibe I mean, or even Colonel Brandon/Marianne or Daine/Numair. I'd prefer softer, gentler Indy characterization, not so much with any overt sexism, abusive intent, or premeditated cruelty. I'm perfectly fine with a certain amount of badwrong signalling, but I'm really not interested in reading about Indy-as-abuser. The affair would not be acceptable to me in reality, but this is fiction.

I don't have an Indy tag to link you to, but I did make this Marion vid a while back that is not irrelevant to this set of prompts tbqh.

Thanks again for writing for me this year; I will love any story that you make for me <3

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