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A Reason Why I Am Not Happy With Bernie Sanders Today:

Planned Parenthood is not "the establishment," and you can't pass off not getting their endorsement as "mainstream doesn;t get it." PP's proven value to progressive causes weighs more than any political candidacy, sorry. You're not going to get anywhere with the feminist left by dissing on PP neither.

Date: 21 Jan 2016 02:16 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] anghraine
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Honestly, I feel like his inability (refusal?) to build coalitions between related interests that might not be immediately on his side is probably his most disappointing feature. I was probably never going to vote for him, but I value his participation in the dialogue, and ... :\

Date: 21 Jan 2016 05:30 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] boxofdelights
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What did you think of how Rachel talked about this tonight? "Maybe it was an unfortunate language choice"?

I understand loving some cause so much that you'll give its spokesperson all the benefit of the doubt. But there is a difference between being established and being part of The Establishment, and abortion rights are not yet part of The Establishment, and Bernie actually fucked up there.

Date: 21 Jan 2016 05:49 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] metaphortunate
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Right? If you're The Establishment, you're not getting bombed, Jesus fuck.

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