15 Jul 2016

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Today was a weird-ass day - I woke to the sound of a jackhammer at 8 am, less than ten feet away from my bed, I guess the people who live in the other part of the house need a new shower and something something no one gave me notice about the jackhammers? I'd been up til 4 working, but I scooted out to my parents' pretty quickly. I don't fall asleep easily or nap well, so I just ... got on with the workday? Did a bunch of fairly hard/scary writing, made harder by not being in my proper nest with everything balanced just so; got everything done; went out to a lovely art opening with my mom. My landlord promised to get back to me with information about construction times, so I'll be able to plan on ditching out to the beach.

Mom is cleaning out the upstairs closets in preparation for ripping up the old carpet; we got out the dollies, and debated what should become of them; found her wedding dress, which I've only seen a handful of times in my entire life; found a handwritten note on torn-out notebook paper from my uncle Jon, who's dead now, thanking them for the opportunity of being daddy's best man. Mama says she wants to burn the wedding memories book. I said if we're burning wedding stuff we should torch the dress, if only for the drama of the thing, but I guess she'd rather just bin it.

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