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You know what would be cool? If post moods worked like tags, so that you could open all of someone's "drunk" posts or all their "moody" posts or whatever. You could even use it to separate out fannish squee and harshing thereof.

This post brought to you by looming yuletide bears.
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Oh my god. Whoever just gave me six months' paid accountage - I just opened my recent comments page, and my eyes got really, really big when I could suddenly see more than ten. Um. I feel all verklempt. This is pretty much the most awesome thing anyone has ever done for me, and, uh. I'm so grateful to you, whoever you are. And really happy. If you tell me who you are, I will totally make you fic or icons or wallpapers or banners or mixes or any other thing you want, because you are definitely my new favorite person in the world.
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Should I be worried that, while I can access every other part of my account, my "Recent Entries" page here on Dreamwidth is still giving me the "sorry, Maintenance/Downtime" error message?
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Anybody want a Dreamwidth? *tempts with shinies*
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Hokay, guise, Dreamwidth question.

Wasn't there supposed to be a way that you could read people from your eljay flist on your dwth reading page? How do you make that go? I've done the flist import feature, and that's got everybody's names up in my profile, but I'm not getting through to content. Halp, plz?
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Good morning, Dreamwidth! So I spent all day yesterday on journal design - [personal profile] lotesse - what do you think? It's fun to have Snow White back around; she was my first icon, back when I got my livejournal, so it's all nice and circular.

I feel all excited and wiggly about this.

We're watching the original Star Wars trilogy with The Baby, who's never seen them before. I suppose he's not really a baby any more, as he turns nine next month, but he's an orphanage child and he's this tiny little loveball who wants snuggling all of the time. Anyway. We got through Empire days before yesterday, and it was fantastically fun watching him watch it. Lots of interesting questions re: Luke and Vader. We have a date to watch Jedi next time we get the chance.

The Boy's parents are here for a visit, which means lots of fun restaurants. And they brought me my desk! It's a thoroughly excellent desk - it belonged to my maternal great-grandmother, but it was originally made for a select boy's prep school, and the desk part folds into a pretty little oak bureau. I adore it.
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because I haven't been able to stop playing with this shiny Dreamwidth toy! The layout is still a work in progress, and I have to look through my eljay flist and figure out feeds and dwth usernames, but the import seems to have worked nicely, and we'll see about the crossposter.

Questions for people who have already played with the dwth layout system - is there seriously no ability to change fonts on this thing? Also, does anyone know how I can turn off the header text?

eta: whaa, I don't think the flist importer worked. rss feeds not showing up on reading page! whut?
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http://lotesse.dreamwidth.org Not moved in yet, or designed, or imported, or crossposting, but there it is. It feels funny to have my proper pseud back - I've been using lotesseflower for what, five years?

Also, grump. Why is eljay not letting me manage my icons? Grrr.
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Hi, fandom! Hi! Hi!

Oh, I think it's time for me to stop being reclusive! After we moved, I found that I just wanted to tuck up into the woods and hide a bit. Which was fine, but I think it has stopped being healthy. Erm.

Indiana! Gorgeous, woodsy, feels very good after the post-industrial wasteland we left behind. Am currently playing with a small child for money, which is v. fab. Reading as many Victorian novels as I can - lurrrved Adam Bede, which I finished in about four days. Was bored absolutely by Portrait of a Lady, which I expected - I don't think Henry James will ever be one of my own. Am now investigating Vanity Fair, which is a nice bit of fluff, though not entirely to my loving.

But mainly hobbits! Which is what I've been doing while not journaling. Thanks to my withdrawal from social life, I now have nearly twenty thousand words of angsty cracky postquest au-age. Which I shall begin posting shortly, I hope, if I can keep on a-rolling.

Maybe tonight I'll finally open up my Dreamwidth invite code, and start making the move. I don't know - I rather expect I'll stay on eljay for the summer. My internet connection out here in rural land is not as good as it could be, and I'm not sure I want the hassle of trying to port files over such a shaky connection. So I'm thinking that autumn will be moving time.
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Oof. Okay, that hiatus was unexpected sry. The psychology of moving is so weird - I've been being isolative because I've been just waiting down the days, but considering that I still have two weeks to go that may not have been the best idea.

I have, however, been consuming huge amounts of media. Last week we watched through all of Fullmetal Alchemist again, and made a move toward picking up Brotherhood - the new series being animated in Japan at the moment. Not sure if we'll watch it regularly, because I attach hard to voice acting and we watch FMA dubbed. (My personal rule for dub/sub has to do with the nature of the culture being portrayed, so Anglophiliac stuff like Howl or FMA is watched dubbed. I mean, Japanese doesn't really have the phonology to pronounce the main characters' names!)

Fic rec: In Living Memory, by [livejournal.com profile] cryogenia. Elrics-centric prison!fic AU. The good stuff.

Regarding DreamWidth - I expect to get a code on the 30th, and I do think that I'll eventually move over there. I'm not really worried about subscribe/access, because I very rarely flock and I don't use filters, and when I do flock it just tends to be for emo stuff or employment info that isn't 100% yet. When I do move, I will be redirecting comments - but since I don't flock, it should take the exact same number of clicks to comment there as it would to comment here. DW says that they'll have it worked out so that I can integrate flists, so I'm not dropping anybody either.

But I am moving, because I believe in DreamWidth. And I guess because I feel like it's time. But also because of what [livejournal.com profile] afterthree says here about monetization. I am sick of being their user-generated content. I don't like it when people try to sell me, instead of selling to me.

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