25 Jul 2012 09:47 pm
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So I just discovered that the big antique ink drawing of a lion, a lioness, and their cubs that's hung over my grandparents' fireplace for my entire life - and which is, I suspect, the originator of the entire family's tendency to use lions as worship icons, for which see our Thing with Narnia - is an original work by Rosa Bonheur, a queer feminist nineteenth-century painter, of whom I have often read. Apparently her descendents live up here on the beach somewhere.

My scholarship is invading my life HALP

art rec

17 Jan 2010 01:06 am
lotesse: (sea)
I was looking back through Gail Potocki's paintings, and thought I might link them here. She's a contemporary symbolist; I met her a couple years ago, when one of my aunts studied alongside her at the Chicago School of Representative Art.

I lurrrve her paintings. They've got the same allegorical depth and nouveau-ish composition that I like so much in Victorian art, but it's combined with a very pomo edgy surrealism. Tres cool.

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