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Feeling frenetic -- and I know why; this is the thing I'm trying to learn about cycling down, and I'm not good at it yet.

M. is home, healing, and back at her desk; I'm going to have a steady flow from her for the next few weeks, and that conversation about my place in the larger org was brought up again by the boss last week. Mama had some emotional turbulence over the weekend in re: her family arglebargle, but seems to be coming through all right.

I am financially secure for the next few months, paying off the last of my auto loan by mid-Feb. at the latest, not sure exactly about what work will look like in the New Year but there seems to be plenty of it. Emotionally I'm a little bit out on a limb, but it hasn't broken yet and I guess this is okay?? I've been feeling odd in my skin, but am not sure if that's because I'm changing shape.

Today I paid bills and made calls. I need to do edits on my yuletide story. Watching Farscape, which is as emotionally challenging as ever. Listened to Anne's House of Dreams last week, got all fucked up over Leslie Moore's storyline. Called Rick Snyder's office to yell at him this morning, just on principle. Going to dinner with family in a few hours.
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