8 Jul 2016

lotesse: (trek)
The reason why making Reboot!Sulu gay is weak representation is that it effectively outsources any risk to a queer individual, instead of stepping up and claiming solidarity and then biding whatever consequences. When Takei came out, he took an active risk. It worked out well, thank god, and the world seems to have pretty well embraced him for who he is. By making Nu!Sulu their One Gay, Everyone Look, We Have One, Abrams and company aren't having to put themselves on the line, because Takei has already tested the situation and found the safe ground. They know they can follow behind him without too much resistance from the public. Everyone will cheer and no-one will fuss.

Takei's remarks on authorial intent were muddled, but - Roddenberry was at least consistently gutsy in his diversity-related gambits. This, in contrast, is some weaksauce market-tested cowardice.

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