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Department of cool stories from Loti's seminars:

Apparently, in 1827, someone lent Marianne Evans' sister a copy of Scott's Waverly, which had to be returned before Marianne - who would've been, what, eight? - had been able to finish it. According to Edith Simcox, Marianne proceeded to write out the story for herself. (The book I need for the exact citation on this is out of the library, and as I'm just tickled I don't want to recall it. It's in Simcox's "George Eliot: Her Life and Works" in Nineteenth Century, anyway.) There seems to be some debate on whether Marianne was writing out what she could remember, or if she was finishing the story herself. I'm inclined to hope for the latter - and to wish that I could read what she wrote!
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So - this is the other thing I've been writing this week. Um. Apparently yuletide procrastination took a creative turn for me this year? Anyway, happy solstice and here's some chivalric romance:

title: Grass and greenworld all together

Ivanhoe, A Romance, Ivanhoe/Rowena, Rebecca, Richard. Three small stories, before and after. Kidfic, letter-writing, ethical debates, chivalry, and families of choice and otherwise. G, gen and het, 2,361 words.

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I actually saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader last week, but it broke my heart enough that I haven't really been able to talk about it. I saw it on the last day of term, and this has been such a terribly jonah term - Narnia has always been my strongest, deepest desiring fantasy of escape to something better, and dealing with that when I desperately wanted out was a bit more intense than it might've been.

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So I just finished writing a term paper on Ivanhoe, because Victorian medievalism is about as close as I want to get to actual medieval lit in any critical way, and because I had a massive affair with that book when I was about thirteen. And now that the paper's gone, the fannishness has set in. There is definitely fic. There may also be icons. And The Boy's never read it, so we've been investigating adaptations.

Also apparently contrary to the rest of the known world I ship Ivanhoe/Rowena, and think Bois-Guilbert is rather boring really. So, um, that kind of influences my preferences re: adaptations. Seriously, is everyone into the Ivanhoe/Rebecca action?

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It's been fun - and strange - playing with this novel again, because I see so much of myself in its author. Scott really, really desires the fantasy of the Virtuous Knight, the liberal Hero who uses Might for Right, and defends the weak, and helps the helpless. And hoo boy am I ever susceptible to that fantasy. But at the same time, the entire novel is haunted by the traumatic knowledge that it never does actually work that way, that chivalry is just a pretty gloss for cruelty and oppression. But somehow I can't seem to get rid of the fantasy of knights in shining armor.
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Christ why will this paper not end?! I keep writing - and it keeps getting bigger. Am now over minimum page length, nearing maximum, and I still have waaaay to many notecards left unincorporated.

... I think I may have over-researched. Curse Ivanhoe anyway, for having both Jews and Saracens. How can I write about one and leave out the other?! But on the other hand, I want to be done with this asdaklsjf paper.

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