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So - I badly want to be more enchanted by Bernie Sanders than I am. And I'm not sure how legitimate "enchantment" even is, politically speaking, but noticing affective responses is kind of what I do.

I watched the Maddow-moderated Presidential Candidates' Forum tonight kind of backwards, Clinton first and then O'Malley and Sanders. And mainly I was enchanted by Rachel, obvs, I was watching it for her, she's my Jon Stewart replacement and I coo over her cleverness in similar ways. But I also finished the Clinton segment feeling just fucking pumped. Clinton and Maddow worked together beautifully in managing the levels of the interview - the intensity of HRC talking about her meeting with Sybrina Fullton and other bereaved Black mothers (can i say how much I appreciated it that she avoided another repetition of the "black lives matter" slogan?) mellowing into a genuinely sweet reflection on a wedding-day photo. Had me choking up and then grinning like a loon.

And yes, O'Malley is a centrist dope who can't give a straight answer, nothing new there - loved the "smh" reaction shots from the crowd - but golly I also got bored and tired during the Bernie Sanders segment. I don't like the way his points are always the same. I feel like he's always lecturing, not communicating. He reminds me of my father, both positively and negatively. I love my father, but sometimes I really dislike having to work with him. And, like, you know Sanders fucking loves Rachel Maddow (did he maybe call her "kid" at the beginning of the silly segment? "i could never hate you kid"? dying here), but I got a stronger sense of conversation/connection between her and Clinton. I rewatched that segment; I left the tab open but wandered off to tumblr while Sanders spoke.

I mean, like I said this is all analysis of affect and theatre, not policy. But politics is both. I don't feel that I can trust HRC morally; death penalty/Iraq/welfare reform/didn't fucking protect Monica/banks. But damn if she's not the one who impresses me beyond my expectations when I see her work. She's the one who seems like she's already doing the job, not just campaigning for it.
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